The stoopidest thing I ever did



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  • All of which would have been okay if it had been my own house I was in at the timeimage

    'Struth! What kind of house do you live in that this would have been acceptable?!

  • I was thinking about a riding holiday I went on as a teenager the other day as it happens... I was riding a 17.2 mare (that's pretty big for those that don't know).  At one point we were playing musical chairs, the idea being that when the music stopped you stopped your horse, jumped off, led them into the middle and sat down.  I'd got through several rounds when they upped the anti by saying we'd have to canter round.  Needless to say when they stopped the music I forgot to stop the horse before I jumped off.

    On another day  we had to do a trick dismounting exercise.  The idea was you turned sideways on the horse, then leant back until you were lying on your back across the horses back.  From there you kicked your legs up and over and let go, so in theory doing a somersalt off and landing on your feet.  Of course I got the letting go bit and forgot to kick my legs over.... straight down on my head.  I was unhurt... and got it right on another go!

    Actually maybe it was catching... another day I was cantering her, riding bareback, towards a jump, when suddenly she was no longer under me and I was flying through the air.  I did a perfect stunt roll on landing.  It seems she must have caught her foot in some little hole or something: apparently she did a somersault too.  She did graze her knees a bit but otherwise we were both fine.

    I finished that 2 week holiday totally fine and with 3rd and 4th rosettes from best rider competitions.  I've got head injuries from riding on other occasions.  LOL

    More recently a flatmate asked me to do something about the water that had built up in a broken washing machine.  Heaven knows how come she thought I'd be able to do something about it, but I was rather in the position of being bossed around there.  Anyway, having examined the outside I, without really thinking it through, thought it might be an idea to open the door for a look inside... well it got most of the water out.  Turned out it had been going the wrong way from the overflow into the sink pipe, and the built up water was used washing-up water, complete with food scraps, that had been building up for months.  Well, the downstairs neighbour was horrible and deserved the flood!

    I am supposed to be high IQ, I just lack co-ordination sometimes...

  • I like that one Rowan.  It's usually high IQ people that do the stupidest things.  One of my most intelligent friends broke in for me when I'd lost my keys.  She climbed in through a window, opened the door and then climbed back out of the window to come in through the door.  I laughed so much I nearly wet myself!  She seriously hadn't realised the stupidity of her actions.
  • Accidentally switching the hand-held blender on while I was cleaning the blade. I got a clean spiral cut all the way down to the bone on one finger. I put an elastoplast on it because I had to go to work. I'm very lucky that it actually healed OK.
  • Ouch Lynne!  I've done the same but not quite as bad.  I can remember the pain though.  I wonder why we didn't think to unplug them before cleaning?  I always do now, obviously.  It's the sort of thing you only do once.
  • owwww bet that hurt image

  • Letting a "thunder flash" (army training grenade thing) off in a barrack room................3 windows blown out, some comedy singed hair and ringing ears!

    Amazingly I got away with a telling off, even then the guy trying to give me a rocket had a grin on his face!

  • I ran and skidded in a supermarket (actually only a few years ago) with the trolly but my shoes were quite slippy and I ended up underneath the trolly! To make it worse a lady who'd clearly seen the whole thing came up to me and just said "do you feel stupid now"!!
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