Timex SDM system

I have a timex sdm system a few years old now (the one with the grey/black garmin receiver you strap to your arm). when I tried using it, although the unit flashed to say it was on, it never found any satellites. I have changed both wathc batteries and reciever unit batteries and still no joy! (it switches itself off after 15 mins) Is there a master reset or something on the reciever or has it finally thrown its hand in?


  • Looks like it is an ex-sdm, it has ceased to be. It is bereft of life, gone to meet its maker ... etc etc

  • oh sugar honey iced tea!

    Best get another one then - old style garmin forerunner perhaps?

  • 301 perhaps, but I would consider the Garmin 50 with the footpod thingy if you aren't to fussed about getting your actual route mapped. 

  • The lightbulb has just flicked on........I have a polar RS200 HRM which I beleive you can buy a foot pod thingy to make it an SDM as well. Cost about £80 or do I go for a seperate bit of kit like the Garmin? I like the size of the garmin display but perhaps it would be like using a sat nav i.e just listening out for the alarms.

  • I will have a GPS unit for the TIMEX for sale next week - £20+pnp (prob around £4) if you are interested...

    It'll be the one before the 3D GPS unit - uses a single AA battery, does S+D, but not location or altitude...


  • Hmmmm - I know my unit is the one with three AAA batteries so it may be too old to be compatible (I bought it 2nd hand) I think mine is a 2002 model ? I'm not back home until next Saturday - if anyone else makes you an offer do please go for it, otherwise I will check back next week (13th onwards)
  • Bill

     It DOES work. The compatibility is across the board - as they upgraded the GPS the signal transmitted they sent out the same signal. Which is Nice! Owing to various things I still prefer the Timex as a watch unit over the Polar 200 for what I do - except the logging of info - where the 200 is streaks ahead.

    Let me know by email or here... What you think.


  • Bill,

    Did you decide against the SDM or are you still interested?



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