waterproof (swimming) mp3s

i recently read in a tri mag about the new universe dolphin mp3- i was thinking of purchasing one with some of my xmas cash that i received,as i find swimming laps so boring! (even though the leisure centre sometimes has a radio playing, i find it difficult to hear while my head is in the water!), and wondered if this little gadget would be any good!!image

i am interested to hear from anyone who maybe has one or any comments-good or bad would be very welcome before i "splash" out on one!! (no pun intended!!)image


  • Not seen that one, but the SwimMP3 is supposed to be very good.  It's "speakers" sit just behind the ear, on the bone, so the sound comes through by vibration. That sounds better to me than earphones...I have a waterproof MP3 player (got it 4 years ago, forgotten the brand!) and it works well, except the earphones keep getting pulled out by the flow of water past the lead.


  • recently read in a tri mag

    Just say it, SAY IT. 220!


  • It is quite simple if you find swimming boring then do duathlons!!

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