Birmingham Half Marathon


Does any one have any info on this race yet?

Who is putting it on?

Where will it start and finish?

I know it's not till September 7th but I'd hate to miss it.



  • Start is going to be at the Alexander Stadium, Perry Barr and finish is going to be Centenary Square, Birmingham City Centre. 

     As this is under 6 miles point to point, it will be interesting what route this will take!!

     Does any one have any more info on this new race????

  • That's exactly the same amount of info I know BS
  • Wolverhampton Marathon and Birmingham Half Marathon ON THE SAME DAY.......  Why ?
  • I'm going to give the B'ham half a go this time, as the start is only a 10 minute walk from my front door
  • I didn't even know about this event - how did I miss that one I wonder?  I could do that - I have just signed up for the Berlin Marathon, and that would be a good last event beforehand.  However, I am also considering doing the GNR and the Dublin Marathon, so I will see.  I will check back to stay updated....
  • It's a ambitious plan even without the extra logistics involved in a point  to point route. It will be interesting to see the route for this. Hopefully  there will  be some major road closures. The novelty of running on closed roads will add to the appeal. (The Aston Expressway would be good!) Let's face it the event will not win any awards for scenery!
  • Not unless you like urban jungle..... image
  • City races are rarely going to have great scenery; apart from crossing the Tyne Bridge, the views on the GNR aren't always inspiring either. What is nice is to see is lots of people out to watch and cheer you on.image
  • Agreed.  Sometimes the support of the crowd can be all that you need to have a good race.  For those of us living in and around Birmingham, I guess it's a good opportunity to run down roads that we normally have to drive down.  See Birmingham from a different perspective.
  • Thanks for everyone's interest in the Birmingham Half Marathon. We are hoping to do an official launch for this event in the next few weeks and this will include details of the route!

     We are really excited about staging this event.

     Kind regards


    Birmingham City Council

  • I for one can't wait for this - done the Wolverhampton half the last 2 and the support there is great - loads of people wishing you well and cheering you even out when you get to Codsall etc, so I hope that BCC manage to organise this well, time Birmingham well and truly got on the running map.

    I note with interest the Bham Mail (online) mention about using this for possible world trials in '09.  That would be great.

     Looking forward to hearing - Sarah G3 - where will we hear about it first?  Here, Runner's World Mag, Bham Mail or "other?"

  • Do these organisers pick these dates from thin air ?

    Wolverhampton Marathon/Half, Birmingham Half, Fradley all on the same day ? Nothing the following week.... You can tell these are organised by non running clubs...

  • Thanks for your comments. Info will be available from lots of sources including runner's world and the Birmingham Mail hopefully and we are also in the process of setting up a website so I'll let you know more about that when I can.

    In regards to date it is unfortunate to have a clash but we have to consider city events and other factors too. For example the following week is our city ArtsFest event. All I can say at the moment is watch this space.......

    We are working with some experts and we'll be looking to involve local clubs and we'd definitely like input from regular runners, so if you have any ideas about what has worked well at events you've taken part in as well as suggestions on what not to do then it would be gratefully received. My e-mail address is /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif[/img]] if you'd like to contact me direct.



  • Not sure if you have heard the news but we have decided to change the date of the Birmingham Half Marathon. The new date is Sunday 26 October. The main reason for the change is Birmingham's bid for the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in 2009, an event which is traditionally staged in October. We therefore want to keep a consistent date for the Birmingham Half Marathon , rather than staging it in September 2008 and then in October 2009 if our bid for the World Half (which would be staged alongside the Birmingham Half) is successful. 

     Obviously this also means we can now avoid the clash of dates with the Wolverhampton City Marathon too, which we are all pleased about.



  • Thanks for letting us know Sarah, that's great news, it really is!
  • Oooh, sounds good ....... just hope it doesn't clash with Sodbury Slog :-/ (being selfish!)
  • .... no it doesn't image image
  • ah, but it's half term and I'll be in the Canary's ......... doh!!  Think I know where I'd rather be. Will try and get out on a 13 miler that morning in support image
  • Hmmm, this might be just enough to make me put my running shoes back on again! 
  • Waves at Arty - I think I may well be up for this
  • I'd like to do it, but the Dublin Marathon is on the monday after so I think I am going to have to pass.  It's a shame as I wanted to do the first Birmingham Half-Marathon, but you can't help the way events fall....

    Maybe next year....

  • Hi Maddy (nice pic!)

     Was going to email you to ask if you were going to do it. For some reason I am quite excited about it. I haven't run a step for months and months...  image (not quite sure what each icon means, but that's meant to be *wibble*)

  • Arty you know you have plenty of time to build up to this just watch that hip - and get out for a long walk TODAY while the weather is gorgeous
  • LOL re pic has Lurker caught up with you about that yet?

    The pictures are going down very well on some of the dating websites image

  • Ah I am one step ahead! I've already been down to Cannon Hill for a walk this morning hehe.

     No, Lurker hasn't mentioned anything yet.

     Glad to hear they are working! image

  • See now having told you that I am waiting til after dark to do my 4 mile-ish plod
  • hehe. All the best with that.

    I'm just looking up training schedules.

  • Dusting off my shoes and going for first run in months tomorrow in prep for this event. Wish me luck! image
  • Shame about the date change as that is the great south run date and my birthday!!!

    Already entered great south this year but will hold off next year (should it go ahead again?!)

  • Still no new yet then?

    Quite anxious to get signed up and 'committed' to it formally!

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