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  • Me too Artemis.  Hope they do something before the closing date!
  • Not a snifter more about this event, save in Runner's World's fleeting reference to it in this month. Anyone else heard anything?  Any thoughts on the route?

  • barking, thanks for the web address, isn't the photo they are using the one from last years Womens Hydo Active going up Broad Street?
  • Umm

    Possibly...wasnt there image

  • thanks for the website Barking
  • Just found out about Birmingham Half, perfect timing as just got rejected in the ballot for the Great North Run
  • Any more news from BCC? 

     I am planning the remainder of my runs around this so it feeds into the half training, but if this is for any reason postponed/cancelled, it is going to mess up my travel and training plans - can BCC confirm it is going ahead? 

    The website says more soon, but when folks, if it is going to be the flagship for next year, you'd hope  it would be up and running for entries by now - please update us - I am getting twitchy here - my money may go elsewhere (would rather not) if we're not hearing anything!

  • Birmingham has been selected to stage the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships on 11 October 2009.

  • Yeah I heard this.  Now would be a really good time to let us know that the dry-run for this year IS going ahead - I am getting real twitchy about this - London Half thru the parks is looking good for me to pull out a PB, but I want to do this run - if I don't hear anything confirming that this is going ahead, I am going to have to go elsewhere, and that's a shame as it would be nice to get behind Birmingham and support this event.  It (for me) makes me wonder what image Bham is going to give.

     I would have thought that the ballot would be appearing round about now (as London is), so as to attract as many people as possible to this "prestigious" event.  I fear that like me a lot of people will be signing up to other races as I book mine as much as 12 months in advance, and put my training together at this time also.

    I think I'll give it another week to hear confirmation, and if nothing's coming forth, it's the capital for me.   Shame.

  • Need to hear something soon as like many others, I'm sure, I'm holding off on various alternatives on or around the same time - can only hold out so long...

    B'ham Snail - I think you may be right about the photo, not that I was there, but on closer inspection it does appear to be all ladies.

  • Don't worry the Birmingham Half Marathon is definitely happening on 26 October 2008.

    All the preparations are currently being made to announce the title sponsor, unveil the full route and launch the entry system. We are also planning a media launch which will be happening very soon.

    Thanks for your patience and I'll post another message here with more details once the official website is fully operational.

     Many thanks


  • Good to hear. Also considering Worksop half on the same day but Birmingham would be my preference.
  • Good to hear.  I like Stuart H am considering Worksop / Stroud / Cardiff, but would prefer to run Bham, not much time left before training begins!  Thanks for the update, but please hurry - we can't wait to see the route!
  • Just enetered the Birmingham & Black country half - entry online right now, goes down the canal from Wolverhampton to Birmingham. 5th July!! link to the Birmingham & Black Country Half

  • Am also looking to do this one and have been waiting for more info since I first heard about it in about February!!

  • Me too - entered about a fortnight ago. Sounds great, along the towpath, setting off ten at a time to reduce jostling/drowning, running through a tunnel which, last I heard, they're arranging to be lit (apparently last year runners had to carry torches!)

    I enjoy running the towpath, but have only ever been 'downstream' of the NIA before.

  • It was brilliant last year - only a few did it , less than 50 andit poured it down. We handed in torches beforehand then shouted our numbers to a bloke waiting - it was pitch dark in the tunnel and those with small torches or head torches were at a disadvantage. I had one of those big lantern torches with the headlight style lamp. Running with it held tight on my shoulder I didn't break pace and gained much time in the tunnel!

    A fantastic race - all organised by this one bloke on a shoestring. It was even mentioned in RW race reports - I gave the photographer a lift back to the station afterwards!
  • Annoying!!!!!!  Still no news?!?!?!?!
  • It really is still annoying that we are less than 5 months away and Birmingham have not got their act together in launching this event.  The website has said nothing now for months.
  • Shirley, I am seriously beginning to doubt that this is going to go ahead this year.  It is really disappointing.  Bham will lose out financially on this one.  Half Marathon's aren't like 10K's where people can turn up and run, it needs planning from the participants, it is more of a runner's distance (not that other distances aren't folks, don't mis-interpret!) what I mean is most non-runners are not going to turn to this as their first race.  So, to get round this, you need to advertise the event long before the deadline of most 12-14 week schedules.

    I fear that it will be a low turnout - I for one am seriously contemplating Stroud Half marathon - well organised, chip-timed, not too badly priced and PB potential.  If I do, I take circa 12 people with me, and they will tell 10-12 people etc etc.  That's a lot of bad publicity for Bham COuncil and this run.  May the Lord help them in 2009 for the IAAF "Worlds" !!!!  Have mercy!  Shame, this could have really brought Bham out in a good light.

  • Would anyone be interested in emailing a couple of influencial people at BCC?

    The following are from the BCC website:

    Steve Hollingworth has been appointed the new Assistant Director for Sport and Events at Birmingham City Council and will take up his position from 14th April, based in the House of Sport on Broad Street. more

    Birmingham City Council has announced that they are bidding to stage the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in 2009 and the bid has been backed by national governing body UK Athletics. more

    The people involved are:

    /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif[/img]] (newly appointed (14th April) Assistant Director for Sport and Events at Birmingham City Council) (Birmingham City Council's Cabinet Member for Leisure, Sport and Culture)

  • Sorry, don't think the MailTo links work - ignore the /forum/smilies/] bit and paste the rest into your email app in the 'To' box.

  • Cheers Road-Kill.

    Someone's got to do SOMETHING!  Hey, fancy putting a road race together?  I was thinking, erm, about a half-marathon, October time?  WHat about through the streets of Bham?  Anyone interested?  We could clean up!

  • I have just called Coun Hassall but he's not around, and am beginning to itchy about this one too!

    Would normally run Dublim Mara, but really wanted to run on home turf for once!! Although I don't doubt it will happen, I think it is cutting it a bit fine if the final details aren't announced in the next few weeks, as Divine rightly states, it's not a race people decide to run on a whim, it requires planning and training!

     And if this isn't sorted soon the initial enthusiasm for event will be lost, and by time the World Championship comes round in 2009, it risks alienating B'ham's bouyant running community!

  • meanwhile, the Coventry Godiva HM at the same time of year (October) goes from strength to strength having now, in it's 4th year, gained a sponsor and has had the full weight of the council behind it from day one which has helped it to shut down part of the town centre and a lot of suburban roads as it winds it's way around the city before making a showcase entrance to the city over the last 3.5 miles.
    For those people looking for a well organised HM in the west midlands in October there's really only one choice imo.....
  • That's another thing - how daft is it, with Cov & Leicester on the same day, to add B'ham the following weekend?
  • They switched from Sept due to Wolv half - I guess (to be fair) it's always gonna clash somewhere, but there's NO excuse for not sodding well opening the ballot!

    Cov Godiva looks good and i'll do that one next year MM (thanks for the info) I just want to run in Bham.  If this don't come out in the next week or so, I think I'll go south to Stroud (MM - how flat is the Godiva one?  Is it a chip-timed event? I'm looking for a specific time, so whilst I don't mind hills, I heard the Godiva was 'undulating' and if so I'll look to do this another time - what's your opinion MM?)

    Emma I wouldn't wait in for a call... they're wetting it hoping you'll go away - seems to be the standard way to turn around calls there I am afraid. Nobody wants to talk about this event except Sarah Guest2.  And if you get this notification Sarah, this is not personally aimed at YOU, but rather the way the council are missing the boat (a) to make a bit of cash and (b) to get some well-deserved publicity to Bham - a city I am proud to belong to.

    BCC have missed the media momentum with this one.  I don't care too much who the official sponsor is.  I would like to know the ofiicial route sure, but I want to frigging-well ENTER THE RACE!!!!!!

    Here - a group of runners, wanting to part with cash - happily.  I know it takes a lot of organising, and I don't envy them for this task, but THEY are the ones that decided to bid for IAAF World Champs, and, subsequently, this year's event - so come on GET A MOVE ON or we'll all go elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This whole thing is turning into a real let down. There was great excitement when this race was announced and strong support from local club runners and non affiliated runners alike. Many runners will now have made other plans (Stroud a great option) or not be running because the new date clashes with the all league Birmingham cross country race at Senneley's on the day before. What a wasted opportunity to showcase Birmingham and the great enthusiasm for running building up in this city, we had a real chance to put the likes of Bath and Bristol to shame.
  • Mike, do you know the dates of this years cross country league races? Would be good to know to be able to plan ahead.
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