Plod Pristine


I am back at w**k. <grump>


  • morning

    sorry to hear that q



  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    wimp, Quimby, some of us went back yesterday

    mwah plodpals.

    *sits in never heard of it corner*

    think I need to expand my experience of life - anyone want to help ?

    Right, workski

    take care

  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    mwah yeo

    Happy burfdee Bear image

    *puckers for birthday snog and fuzzle*

  • Ooh, a birthday? Have a good one, Bearity. I've cheered up a bit now, a nice lady brought me some toast, and there is nothing too major in my inbox.
  • Morning plodworld and Happy Birthday Bear!!!


  • Morning peeps!

    *snogs and fuzzles everyone*

  • *admires kk's bumps*
  • back to reality

    off to the launderette, bank and Sada

    oh, the glamour...

  • She's done well for herself with that chain of grocery stores after getting kicked out of Big Brother 1 image
  • Happy Birthday Bear! image

    At work for some peace and quiet

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭



    *eyeliner pron frenzy*

    am off to learn to swim, so if you don't see me later call the lifeguards!! 

  • <watches bubbles rising in the water>


    is she drowning?


  • <<phhhrrrttt>>

    Sorry, was the parsnip soup.

    I've just posted some work on my course forum for comment by my fellow students and my tutuor. Gulp.


  • I'm drinking beer, listening to music, not doing much w*rk

    and getting paid for it

    Gotta love this timer of year

  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    tough life cookie image

    Ooh sammy, your cossie has gone see through

    *tosses sam something inflatable*

  • oi!

    I hadn't finished with that

  • Blimey Yums - you got that up quickly!
  • I didn't have the chance to image
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    I just gave it a good blow Bear

    *passes yeo a lovely glass of wine and some thorntons chocs*

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