save me from the pies!

hello RW'ers. Need a bit of advice and help.

 I did a few aquathons, duathlons etc last year and finished off with doing london tri (sprint in 1.38),  however since then i have done bugger all apart from rugby. Put on 2 stone and got back into bad habbits. I went for a run yesterday and struggled 2.5 miles image. last summer is was training 9+ hours a week and had long run of about 6/7 miles.

 i want to get back into shape and i have the whole of january to work on it, home from uni till 28th jan and no work to do so have plenty of training time, could anyone perhaps provide advice on what i could be doing?


  • Apologies but I think being cruel is being kind here -

    Get your fat arse off the sofa go swimming, biking and running!image

    I hope the avatar is a suit!


  • too much time in the Uni bar, pah students!

    Get yourself out running, slow pace 4 times per week start at 30 minutes & build on that.

  • Eat a bit less, drink a bit less alcohol, up your cardio, start to build some interval training in after a while, do some strength training to build muscle mass.

    Ta da.

  • get out for a good brisk walk everyday (wish i had a month to do that you lucky bu77er!) preferably first thing in the morning for 30-40 to 60 minutes and then do your other training -walk run sessions or gym /swim later in the day - something every day if you can -if not at least 3-4sessions a week

    it really will will make a difference (the daily brisk walking ) and you can do that sort of amount daily fairly quickly whereas running for an upto an hour everyday takes a while to build up to

    with a month of varied daily activity you can probably make big changes to your fitness and shape - go for it er girl? !

  • thanks! it is a suit!!, i think the first answer is what i need! will build up again slowly, and aim little goals along the way! thanks for the encouragement
  • Cool - let us know how you get on.
  • if you have the time to spare, then cover ten miles a day. 

    first with a brisk walk for a few days. then run for one minute in 5 for a few days.  then 1 in four.  then 1:3, 1:2, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 etc.  and make the running bits a SLOW jog. by the end of the month you should be covering 10 miles mostly with a slow jog, with occasional walk breaks.

    there is a general rule of thumb that says "don't increase running distance by more than 10% a week", but that is only really necesary if you're going fast, as beginners are wont to do.  brisk walk/slow jog is fine.  running very slowly is fine, just like walking. 

    and while you're doing this, cut down on the lard and the booze.


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