I took up running for fun a couple of years ago , recently I ran a half marathon at 1 hour and 45 minuites.However  I now want to improve my fitness level I am at a level 7 (roughly) , I would have thought marathon training would be an ideal way to improve this. - please share your thoughts on this and any recommendations or suggestions ?

Also I was just using Smart Coach and got a bit confused , I was trying to work out the speed at which was reccomended - For example it was recommended that I 6 miles on a Monday and to  run at a pace of  9 miles at 9:17 - What  pace/speed/time ratio is this suggesting ? 

 Thanks for your support image


  • HEy done what you had said Johnny J Started by doing 5 miles esay pace yesterday on training sub 1:50 half marathon training schedule - See  link(

    the schedule includes strides what are strides ? what is threshold pace ?

    Also I had given up on smart coach the pace ratio is too confusing , check it out yourself if you dont beleive me

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