Heart Rate recovery runs - Help!

Can some kind soul help me on this one?

Did a max heart rate test a few months back which got to 190

Resting heart rate is 54, therefore my "range" is 136

Applied the numbers i.e. range x percentage +resting heart rate.

According to this my 70% reading should be about 149

So far so good. then read in "Heart rate Monitor training for thecompleat idiot" that 70% was a recovery run. Uuuh? found it hard work to get up to 70% - did a six mile "easy" run with a slower lady runner and average heart rate was 126!  Whats going on? I thought that a 70% run was a recovery run. Am I super unfit or what?  I've also tried doing the 212 minus half age formula which works out at 191.5  Can anyone help me on this one?


  • thanks for that - these books were getting confusing!
  • Bill - 70% of your max HR would be around 133. 70% of your Working HR is 149, as you calculated.

    60% of WHR would be similar to 70% of Max HR.

    Confusing, yes. Easier once you decide which figures you will use.

    All the Best.


  • Thanks Jim, the figures certainly look better that way although I still feel I'm going wrong somewhere. I did a ten miler yesterday which felt easy - average heart rate was 120. I'm due for another max heart rate test and I will use the percentages on the watch i.e. rather than working heart rate.
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