Losing it with Nam and Bear



  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    and Bear is reducing his portion size

    oh dear image

  • My worst habit is grazing when im at my desk..so the test is Weds when im back at work..to stop munching whilst im working and like you Maddy im chocolate mad..so will start off with the Weds to Fri cold turkey..treat at weekend and start again following Monday for the week..or it's chocolate every day..
  • LOL Yums!!!  You thought "losing the plot" or something?

    Well done Quimby!!  Normally I wouldn't eat before a morning run.  If I run before work (6:30ish) I would run on an empty stomach and have breakfast when I get to work.  When I run after work, I tend to have a big lunch around 1:30 (we have a good canteen where I can have a healthy hot meal) and a snack at 3pm, which sees me through to 6pm, then run and have a small dinner afterwards (something little like beans on toast).

    That works best for me... lots of food during the day and little in the evening.  However, since meeting my OH it's kind of reversed that pattern.  Where he works there is no canteen and they have no microwave in the office either, so all he has is a sandwhich all day, so of course I cook a big meal in the evening.  But I'm sure we'll work it all out.

    Aitch I was aiming for 5k.  I doubt it'll be any more than that cos it's my first run in 7 weeks and >>whispers<< I've just come on too.  image

  • That always makes you feel a bit groggy when you're running Nam, don't sweat it hon, do what you feel comfortable with. I'm thinking a 4 mile route will suffice today, or 4.5 if I do the same as yesterday, it has a killer hill at the end though! First run in 7 weeks Nam, I hope it goes well and you feel comfortable. First mile will be the toughest, getting all the little aches and pains out of the way.

    MG - I'm the opposite, I'm so good at work and only eat what I take to work but it's the evenings I struggle with!
  • Thanks to Coach KK for her first motivational tip by the way!
  • I need to strengthen my ankle ligaments again.  Once they're sorted I'll be fine.  Just made a black coffee.  Aiming to head out for 2pm.
  • PMSL KK....

    >>spits pre-run black coffee across keyboard<<

    Yes I'll try be sensible.  No more than 5k.  Initially no more than 3 runs a week.  That's why I've got so much other stuff on the schedule, to avoid overuse injuries from running or cycling too much.  I also like the variety in winter.

    By the way these are my training partners....  I'm not joking!!


    Big chap is a weight lifter who will spot me for weights and box with me.

    Little one is my friend who instructs RPM and Pump.  She's an ex-fell runner (before a hip operation put a stop to that).

  • My friends truly come in all shapes and sizes... image
  • She's TINY!

    Either that or he is ginormous. 

  • This thread is going to be hard to keep up with isn't it!!I'll be able to do that when I get back to work tomorrow!1

    Diet plan starts tomorrow...our daughter and her fiance go back to England tomorrow and life will return to normality...I'll do an hour on the turbo today though, I think its the bit of training I've done over the holidays is what's kept me from gaining a ton of weight!  I normally start january bloated and spotty...not this year though!

  • LOL Nam, they really do!!
  • I am going to join this for a very short period of time due to a lack of training and over indulgence in mince pies.  Two days over the holiday I have eaten an entire box of 6.  In my defence I ate them over the entire day (each time) and not all in one go.

    4 pairs of trousers bought in a sale in usual size from usual shop are tight on the bum.

    Stomach has a small wobbly bit around my tummy button



    Action Plan

    Run this afternoon about 12k

    Try a bke ride tomorrow then back to normal training.

    I am not going to try the trousers until a week on Sunday.  Although I've definitely lost some fat already.image

  • Stumbles into weight loss arena with Shiraz colour lips!!! Okey dokey.....lets do this!!!

    How many calories in Alka seltzer??

  • Oh yes and fantastic weight loss Yvonne - if those photos don't motivate you nothing ever will!
  • I have set myself my first goal. Have entered a 5 mile race on 3rd Feb. Now have to lose enough lard so that my club vest doesn't pop at the seams.
  • My friend just texted me.  She just tought a spin clas and 4 people ran out vomiting.  image
  • Right I'm off to plod....

    Any news about seizmic shifts in the Cardiff region registering level 5 on the Richter scale... don't worry.. it's just me and it'll be over in half an hour.


  • >>>>>delurks<<<<....Nam can you still get into that amazing catsuit with the zips...the one you wore on the first SW social..if not ..THAT alone should be a good incentive..you looked great ...
  • Happy plodding Nam, take it easy lady!

    Anyone up for doing weekly wigh ins? You don't have to post weigh if you don't want to (ie me) but post how much you've lost/gained. We could set a day and time where people should weigh themselves and we can track our progress together. Thoughts.........

    We could have a 'Loser of the Week'!!
  • Feck me....  I'M BACK!!! 


    First thoughts:

    How could I EVER let it slip like this....
    How did I ever run a Half marathon??

    Time:  I purposely didn't take a watch but I guess I was out for about 35ish minutes? 
    Run:  5k (flat and undulating bits)
    Pace:  All over the shop!!!!  Anything between 9m/m-12m/m... All over the place... Terrible!
    Heart:  Better than expected.
    Lungs:  Much worse than expected.  On fire!  Coughing up crap!
    Legs:  Wobbly...  (but lack of strength probably more to do with wrong time of month)
    Current Face Colour:  Deep shade of Magenta!!!


  • Don't worry about it Nam, your first run was always going to be tough <<whispers>> especially if it's time of the month......

    I ran 4.5 miles yesterday and felt amazing, like I could've run forever....yet, a few days before I really struggled with 2.5!! So it's not necessarily that bad.

    I often wonder how I ever ran a half when I'm tired after 4ish miles! It's all about the training though.
  • Well done Nam - your comeback speed is a lot quicker than mine is, but I am taking it *very* easy for fear of injury. I know what you mean about "how on earth did I ever run 13.1 miles?!" - it is difficult to believe when you are starting off again. But at least you did it! Maybe slow down just a tad next time to give your lungs a chance? Or is it the cold that makes breathing worse (although 'tis pretty mild here).

    I have had an interesting late lunch of a boiled egg & a large quantity of mushrooms - fried, but only used a teensy bit of butter. 

  • Aitch - Good idea. I would like to suggest Saturday morning for weigh in.
  • Aitch, I'm up for weigh-ins; I need that kind of motivation to make me stick to things.
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