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  • Well done those that have gone out image

    I'm not doing any exercise today. My feet are still recovering from serious blisters so I'm going to give them another day before running club tomorrow night.

    I was going to go out on my bike again (did 13 miles mtb yesterday) but it appears that I have a slow puncture & I couldn't be faffed to fix it (no man at home to help).

    But......... my diet is going ok so far,

    Breakfast: two slices of (small) toast & jam & cup of tea
    Lunch: thin piece of steak cooked on the George with mixed veg + nectarine

    Only problem is I'm sitting at home on my own, I'm bored & lonely and there's loads of biscuits in the cupboard!! HELP!! image

  • Keep going Nam, your running fitness will pick up quicketr than you think.

    Right everyone, Saturday morning is weigh in time!!!
    Weigh first thing before brekkie and post either weight and weight loss/gain OR just the loss/gain. Then Sunday we can work out who's the 'Loser of the week'. I think this will help motivation - I know I'll really really want to be LOTW at some point!!
  • Mitten don't give in!! Go out for a walk or something instead STEP AWAY FROM THE BISCUIT CUPBOARD!
  • I'll weigh...  I'll do anything....


  • Nam, I've found that even if I've done cardio cross training - elliptical trainer, bike, rower, spinning - my lungs are terrible the first few runs back
  • Get some stretching done this afternoon Nam, look after those muscles and joints!

    I think the guilt thing keeps me motivated, that's why I keep a food diary and force myself to be brutally honest, then I don't eat things that I don't want to admit to eating! Same with weigh in, I'll try harder because I won't want to have admit to gaining anything!!
  • RIGHT....


    You're in charge of the scales on Saturdays!  >>the weighing in list<<


  • If I go for a walk I'll end up at Costa having a muffin & hot chocolate..............

    I just checked the cupboard - in there's big bag of Twix, Walkers chocolate shortcake, ginger cake, box of mince pies, pear & ginger biscuits. Ohhh, and some oat biscuits!!

    Man is not back to help me eat this lot until Thursday evening image

    I'll struggle keeping up with this thread when back at work as I won't be able to post during the day. So I'll probably catch up on the last couple of pages & post late in the day to let you know what I've eaten & what training I've done. Sure that'll be an interesting read!!!!

    I'll support & be supported image

  • Mitten do you work?

    I find those things are best disposed by others at the office.

  • Yeap, but I spend a lot of my time in the car............. I can drop spare food off at office & leg it to leave them to eat!!!
  • what a cute little kitten...

    Is that yours Mitten?

  • Mitten - you sound like me - lack will power! Agree with Nam, best disposed off so you can't eat them!! Work is the usual place. I give them to Mum to take to the ward cos if I take them to my work, I'd probably help polish them off!

    Right, looks like I'm in charge of weigh ins and dishing out awards! I'll get all organised and compile a list when the results are in every week!
  • I feel really positive about this, I'm sure there will be ups and downs and highs and lows but we will do it.
  • mitten wrote (see)
    Yeap, but I spend a lot of my time in the car............. I can drop spare food off at office & leg it to leave them to eat!!!
    That is an incredibly cunning plan!!  image
  • (((Beebs)))) image

    Gis' a hug I have the post run shivers now.... image


  • Hot shower Nam? Get your feet hands and head warm and you'll soon warm up.

    Beebs, I'm feeling your positivity!
  • I think the thread will 'calm down' and will become easier to follow when people are back at work too. image
  • *seizes Nam in a boobalicious hug, full of warmth and positivity *

    Aitch I will need to be reminded when I become the hormonal b*tch from hell, although I suspect not drinking will help the PMT  

  • Hello. Cool. Glad weigh in will be included! Unfortunately as it is my birthday and I was good over christmas I've just eaten 5 belgian chocs, 2 orange cremes and 3 choc chip shortbread biscuits. Also had Haribo sweets this morning. image My 5 mile cross country will hopefully have slightly counteracted the negatives but not enough!

    Am taking everything in to work tomorrow (except Belgian chocs because they are quite posh - no less calorific though image ).

    Roll on official weigh in day though I'm not feeling confident. However I suppose until we put in our official weights (or losses) it won't count that I've just scoffed loads.

  • Wish the kitten was mine........ desperately want but we can't have one in the flat we rent image
  • Beebs - I'll quote you when you become scary!

    Ostrich - don't worry about today's consumption, it's been your birthday! You've done five miles which will have burned off a fair amount.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way!

    I did starting weight yesterday so 5 days til first weigh in. I don't think much will happen for people on that one but after that we should all start seeing results!

    Is it worrying I'm quite excited about all this?!
  • >>squeeeeeeze<<  image

    Loves Beebs' hugs.  Beebs who is the bestest hugger!!

  • Maddy has her own favourite... image
  • I may have to weigh in a bit late...I work nights and finish either Saturday or Sunday mornings.....I'll try and post my weight Saturday afternoon when I get up!

    6 miles run today....and I'm very proud to say that I've just sat through 'I am Legend' munching on an apple whilst kids ate minstrels and revels (well I may have had 5or6 ministrels but 6 miles!!!).

    Didn't do my start weight this morning as I figured I'd be dehydrated and stuff so will do that in the morning....

    Are we following a diet or just being sensible and not finding excuses not to train?

  • I think people are all doing different things FF.

    I'm cutting out booze during the week and cutting back a lot  at the weekends ie no whisky and eating more fruit and veg.

    Once my chest is clear I'm planning to walk lots too.

  • Yes I think the idea is "each to their own"...

    I need to:

    • have breakfast
    • change my eating pattern back to having my main meal in the day not late evening
    • reduce portion sizes to remind myself that I'm not a 16st rugby player
    • cut out empty carbs/ snacky nonsense
    • but above all...  TRAIN PROPERLY AGAIN...

    At the moment I think my biggest problem is actually lack of energy, partly caused by the types food eaten over recent months (short term energy fixes, nothing slow-burning and sustaining, my blood sugar is all over the shop), as well as not training (viscious circle... training gives me energy, but don't have the energy to train)...

    My mate just texted (big boy from previous page), so I'm back on the weights tomorrow!!!  He is the master of supersets!!!!  When I trained with him last spring he got me into awesome shape, but I WILL ache like %$£*&^%.....

  • Hope you all dont mind me hopping on to say hello.. Yvonne has amazed me with her progress.. that's an amazing story Yvonne

    I've unfortunatley gained about 2 -3 stone again that I didnt have a couple of years back due to a huge change in circumstance and basically taking comfort in food!

    I've just brought Paul McKenna's book and after having read it I'm up for giving it a whirl.. I dont expect to have a saintly transformation but it'd be nice to learn to let myself make mistakes and just go with it and return to a better shape

    Also got to get back on track with running as it's been hit and miss since May 07 - gutted as I was almost ready to hit marathon 3 and take some more off my time,  but life's life and sometimes things just happen

    Anyhow.. I've been inspired by what I've read!

  • Welcome Egglett. image
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