Losing it with Nam and Bear



  • Hi Yvonne. Haven't we met somewhere?
  • <polishes halo> Have done an hour on the exercise bike. <chucks halo to ground> Then had pancakes for tea. Only 2, though. I had promised my other half that we'd have pancakes tonight, as he is poorly and they would cheer him up. So the bike ride probably pretty much cancelled out the pancake calories, I reckon?
  • Also must mention something that touched a nerve for me - Johnny Blaze, you said you were going to "cut down on butter". I salute you! Not for cutting down on the butter, but for actually admitting you eat butter, but are only going to cut down, not cut it out. I have tried every low fat spread on the planet, and I would still rather have a thin scraping of butter, how ever many calories that may be, than any "spread" that exists. I am planning on downsizing my weekday morning toast from 3 slices to 2, but still with butter. I only have one little catering pat on each slice.
  • A Whole pat ..........  jaysus
  • Can I be in if I don't actually weigh myself for a few weeks yet?  Previous uneasy relationship with scales and numbers so would prefer to wait until my clothes feel reasonable before inflicting it on myself!

    Re: body fat.  This is pretty much totally lifted from my exercise physiology lecture notes (sorry Trevor) but explains it well I think!  Have added little notes....

    Methods of assessment:


                -Hydrostatic weighing (very accurate but not widely available...only specialised

                university research centres etc)

                -Skin-fold thickness technique (4 or 7 site most common)*.  Accurate when done

                by somebody experienced.  Most accurate to get them to do the follow-up

                measurements too....

                -Waist to hip ratio

                -Bioelectrical impedance (Measures amount of current flow through tissue. Fat-            free tissue has greater conductivity = less impedance than fatty tissue)...but not

                very accurate really.  Used in those Tanita scales etc.  Errors depending on

                hydration status etc...and read somewhere that the scales tend to only measure

                lower body fat-shudder.

                -Other lab techniques - Radiography, CT, MRI, DEXA.  DEXA is the technique

                 they use for bone scans.  Apparently it's as accurate as the hydrostatic

                weighing but don't think it's licensed for that indication so forget it!

      *Most widely used todayThree or more sites measuredInactive individuals – 4 sitesTrained individuals – 7 site method Bicep, tricep, subscapular, supraspinale, abdominal, front-thigh and medial-calfTypical scores             Elite male athlete (33-57mm); female (45-69mm)                                   

  • "lower body fat-shudder"?!!! Yikes.
  • http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2249/2152694592_cfc20104d0.jpg

    Stripes always did make you lok fat Nam .......

    Throws bucket of Sennapods in westerly direction certain of a hit

  • Male body fat % values: 

    Age                    16-29                30-49                    >50

    Very Low Fat        <7                    <9                 <11           

    Slim                             7-12                 9-14                11-16            

    Acceptable                  13-17               15-19               17-21            

    Over Fat                      18-28               20-30               22-32            

    Very Over fat              >28                  >30                  >30

    Female in a mo....doesn't like being pasted...

  • Kwilter - fancy that! - a pair of Yvonnes. Btw I'm a M by marriage (was a Jenkins) 

    Hi Belper, lovely to see you againimage 

    What fab pictures (top 2), Nam.  My before pic is horrendous  - Mr M reffered to it as my jabba the hut pic, (after I had lost the weight that is).

  • LOL... Oi... play nicely Plummy!!  image
  • Female body fat %s

     Age                            16-29            30-49                   >50

    Very Low Fat              <13                  <14                  <16

    Slim                             13-20               14-22               16-24

    Acceptable                  21-25               23-27               25-29

    Over Fat                      26-32               28-34               30-35

    Very Over Fat             >32                  >34                  >35

  • Isnt photoshop a womderful thing


  • Cheers for all that info Corker...  image

    Yvonne:  'Jabba'... men.... image  *tsk*

    I was thinking on my way home from work.  I've got a good stone on me more than I should have and I notice it in loads of little ways now..., for example my car is quite low (it's a 2-seater/roadster) and I'm actually dragging myself out of it at the moment... image

    I'll start tomorrow morning with a run, a that's a promise...  I want my pirate kit to fit nicely in May.  image

  • I am running tomorrow morning, Nam, not sure what time, but I will prod you if I haven't heard a report of your run by 12!
  • There'll be a report by 12!!  image
  • Back into work I go image

    Resolution: no more on call "sorry for myself" snacking!

  • WORK???  image
  • I'm starting tomorrow with a run, Mr M and I are doing the Serpentine 10K - although I did 20 miles yesterday so still feel a bit sore in places.  It's going to be a very very slow 10K methinksimage

    Remembered that Mr M posted my before and after pics in his blog......... so if anyones wants to check it out  try here  (not brave enough to put the pics on the thread).

  • Yvonne - WOW! That is amazing weight loss - well done!
  • It's a nice run Yvonne - done it myself the last couple of years - wish I could be up there again but not up to 10k at the mo.  WIll do about a 5k I think
  • Blimey Yvonne!!!!!  imageimageimage

    6 stone in 8 months?  I'm totally speechless...  You must feel like a new woman??

    I see you ran Cardiff Half?  Is this a local race to you?  I'm in Cardiff.  image

  • My thinking too, Nam
  • Also well done for just casually doing 20 miles yesterday... which puts me utterly to shame...  I don't think I did 20 miles total in the whole of November & December.  image
  • <delayed post>
  • what are you thinking, pussy? image
  • Lewd thoughts, Nam

    Corker working. On New Year's Eve. At this time

    Bushy Park, Bear?

  • I'm from the Garw valley and all my family are still there so I could combine a visit to my Mum's and do the Cardiff half.  I live in Kent now.  I really wanted to the Cardiff full marathon but they didn't run it this yearimage 

    I'm doing a marathon (my 2nd) on Jan 13th hence the 20 miler - my last LSRimage  tapering now.  It's all Paul Mckenna's fault - I only started walking 2000 extra steps a day

  • is there a BPTT tomorrow?  Didn't know that - might give it a spin image

  • *waves to Yvonne*

    Another Welshie...  I should have twigged when you said you used to be a 'Jenkins'... LOL image

    Yes lots of people unhappy about their decision not to run the full mara this year, also no stadium finish.  I was supposed to run Cardiff Half but had to pull out injured and gave my number to a friend...  image  Looking at that cobbled finish line I was glad really, cos that would have finished me off!!!

  • Yes Bear. Always A Christmas day and New Years Day time trial at Bushy park

    Check the website to see if there's one at Banstead Woods

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