Losing it with Nam and Bear



  • Am finished at 9am.  But I'm sitting at home playing on here at the moment so I'm not so much working as passing time with the potential for having to do some work later!
  • morning

    I'd like to be a loser as well! I've not weighed in some time - I don't need to, I know I've put on loads of weight and I wasn't exactly sylph like to start with!

    Healthy eating and sensible training is the way (weigh) to go image. , but now as easy at it sounds!

    Those photo's of Yvonne are a real inspiration though - so here goes, new year new us!

  • Happy New Year Everyone image
  • Morning all. Received massive tin of shortbread and packet of orange cremes as birthday gifts so the first test is when I take them in to work do I end up eating loads? No.

    A healthy start today though as I'm off to do a 5mile cross country.

    Good luck everyone. Hope the first day of weight loss goes well!

  • Hi kk. Having fun in your fledgling tri career ?  image

    Thanks for motivational tip no.1

  • Hi everyone and happy new year,

     I'm a newcomer to the site and would like to, and need to join this thread. The size of my bum is probably a good qualification. The good ol scale can be a bit of a trigger for me with numbers so I'm going to see what dress size I can get down to, particularly on the lower half! I'll post more details when I'm less ashamed! image

    I know from a previous 10 month running attempt the year before last  I didn't lose that much weight but I dropped dress sizes so this seems like a good target for me. And I guess I need to start running again too - a slight technicality!

    Looking forward to this and getting to know you all.

  • Welcome LE image

    Well I've lost a bit more which puts me down to 99.2kgs on what I guess is the official start day.  First target is 90kgs.  Ideally I'd like to get to about 8kgs but I know that even when IM training, that was a tough ask

  • Good morning everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all.

    Well, as they say there's no time like the present, so I ve been out and done 5 miles this morning and my foot felt much better too. A good start to the year.

     It occurred to me whilst out plodding this morning that with all the lard we're intending to shed we could probably make a couple of new members. What would we call them? Maybe we could have fun watching them grow throughout the year, or am I just overdue for my medication again?

    Good luck everyone .

    Totally agree with KK by the way! 

  • I did see something on telly (think it was Pete Cohen) where he got the participants in his training programme to put the weight they'd lost into a pile made out of lard, which was a nice visual reminder.

    I did a slightly less messy thing once with books - it was interesting to see how the pile grew and also how much extra weight I'd been carrying around all day (the pile was quite a weight to lug)

  • Morning everybody! 

    LE-we'll be the non-scales people I think.  Never thought I was very into numbers....until fights with the scales in the past.  The wrong number could have me depressed for the day.  And it was never ever low enough....

  • Morning

    Alcohol is stopped for a while now - just need to sort out my chocolate habit

  • Yes.  Chocolate is my demon image
  • I could always look after it for you, Maddy image
  • LOL I have eaten everything that I had Bear I just have to try and not buy any new stuff
  • morning 

    I am looking forward to not drinking alcohol and eating well image

  • 2 eggs on toast for brekkie - not a good start - Mrs b now knows cooked brekkies are out unless butter not involved. Argh.
  • New Years day is always a weird one anyway....I think it counts as an "easing yourself into it" day image
  • Good point well made.
  • Bear - Thanks for the welcome and good luck with your goal!

    Corker - Sounds like a plan! I don't think I'll ever hit the nunber I wanted to either so basing it on clothes would be much better. We'll see.

    Yvonne - any tips on how you lost all that weight would be oh so appreciated in this corner of the thread!

     I gotta lose this weight!

  • Morning all! (or is it afternoon)?!

    Hope everyone is recovering from last night.

    I'm going to try and start today but got a staff party tomorrow, eating and drinking so not sure how that'll go, maybe I'll try and restrain myself as much as possible!

    Welcome LE!
  • Happy New Morning!!  image

    Welcome Little Engine. image

    Thank you to KK, the motivational fairy....

    and I say YES I want it enough this morning!! 


    My "before 12 report"... er...  I'm a bit late out of the starting blocks...  was awake til 2:30 last night chatting to a friend on MSN hence the late rise...

    My focus for today will be all the positive outcomes from getting my derierre into gear...

    • my clothes will fit again (no more of those "I have an interview and no suit that fits" scenarios)
    • more importantly my pirate kit will fit nicely image
    • I don't have to pull myself out of my sports car image
    • once I'm lighter running will be fun again
    • my 'cycle' will sort itself out and I'll be much less PMTd
    • I love feeling fit

    Now, what's for breakfast?

  • Should I run before or after brekkie?  image
  • Light snack...then run in half an hour.  Proper brekkie to refuel after!
  • right....  >>goes off to toast wholemeal bagle<<


  • I can't eat beforehand - unless I'm doing a very long run, then I have to get up extra early.

    Finally got myself out of the door at just before 11 this morning (no excuses - I was in bed by half past 10 and slept solidly through the fireworks - must just have needed the sleep). I had a very poor run on Sunday; problems with new shoes rubbing and an extremely muddy towpath meant my average pace was nearly 14 min miles (run/walk, but still!) But today I was flying! 56 minute run/walk, 8 run/2 walk x 5 then a 4 run/2 walk to finish as I found myself a bit further from home than I'd planned. Average pace 12:07. Also found a new bit of land which connects 2 estates and opens up (a) fun in mud, and (b) new loops to add to my routes. All the result of studying satellite maps and spotting paths I didn't know existed. Cool.

    On my return, I measured what the cereal people call a "portion" into my bowl. Then laughed and added half again.

    Off to wallow in the bath now. 

  • That was what I was thinking Corker! How far are you going Nam?
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    doh, when it said losing it with Nam and Bear, I got all excited  but I clearly misunderstood the purpose of the thread image

    darn, drat and boo hoo image

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