Asics & Blisters

Just purchased some ASICS 2120 stability shoes.

Nice shoes and according to all those reports in the running mags awards winners to boot.

I have just done a nice little three miler and glad I didn't go any further.

The logo which is half way down the length of the shoe on the inside rubs terribly on the instep of my feet giving really nasty blisters.

 Anyone else had this problem and are there any solutions????


  • Did you buy them based on what you read or on the reccomendation of a running shop?

     The reason I ask is that I bought some once and got all sorts of pain on the bridge of my right foot, it turns out they were useless for me and I had to pay another £80 to get some other shoes following a consultation at the Sweat Shop.

    Never had any problems since. 

  • I changed from asics as they caused me blisters too.I was recommended them originally from a running shop when I started running but as I gradually increased my mileage the blisters started appearing,I was convinced they were the trainers for me so was very dissapointed!

    Now run in Saucony no problems.

  • Forgot to say tried lots of brands of socks to try to help the problem,also used body glide,vaseline and even moleskin but none of which helped.
  • They felt fine and supportive until I ran in them. I think the movement of running compressing the midsole caused my instep to rub, Sounds like I'm heavy that....I'm not promise.

    Either way they are probably the worst shoes I have ever experianced

  • Hi John, for what it's worth you have my sympathy. I was recommended a previous incarnation of this shoe a few years back (2100's) and to say that they blistered the inside of my feet was an understatement. I tried everything but no joy - they were resigned to gardening duties (but even there they were annoying). I am constantly amazed to see them get such good write-ups as in all my years running they are the worst shoe I have ever had the misfortune to purchase. Also worth noting that it was the one and only time I had a my running style checked by a specialist running shoe shop and purchased a shoe based on that recommendation. It was also the first Asics show I'd ever tried and also the shop was an Asics gold dealer. Thankfully this experience has made me more cynical now image
  • Sorry to hear about the problems your having John.  Would be great if we were able to run in a shoe for a few miles before purchasing because its hard to for see these problems. 

    You could try attaching a plaster or some sort of cushioning to the inside of the shoe where the rubbing occurs and see if that helps. 

     Is it possible to remove the logo?

     Hope this helps image

  • I've ditched the 2120's and got some Nike Structure's

    Hopefully they'll be better

  • Had exactly the same problem with the new 2130s but I taped over the bit that rubs and changed the lacing. If I'm going on a long run I'm experimenting with taping my feet up.

    Overall seems to be working.

  • exactly the same problem also, again after recommendation from running shop.

     persevered with them using blister plasters etc, but gave up in the end. Now use brooks adrenaline and have no trouble at all.

  • A lot of Mizuno shoes have a similar problem.  A lot of people find that the stitching round the logo on the inside of the foot rubs on their instep.  You'd think that two big shoe companies would have considered this and modified the design.

    I now stick to Sauconys.

  • I've been using Asics for about 10 years - I've never had a blister on the inside of my foot (only, occasionally, on my toes).
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