Bike rack for a car

I am looking for advice re transporting my bike by car - can anyone sling me some ideas please?  Requirements as follows:

- car is a Skoda Fabia Estate with 2 "running rails" (??) along the edges of the roof

- access via tailgate during transport not essential
- need to transport 2 (mountain or road) bikes including a lot of motorway driving
- no space in back for odd wheels etc as a) will be 2 dogs and luggage in there  b) I'd never get the wheel back on again!
- reasonably priced
- must be easy to fit and not too technical to get the bikes on and off as I am absolutely useless at anything like that

My main worry is that I will not put it or the bikes on properly and they'll come flying off at speed and cause an accident hence the paranoia re being simple but secure / strong

I need to pick something up in the next few weeks so would appreciate any input anyone can give me

It has already been suggested simply going to Halfords and playing dumb (not difficult here!) but if I do so I like to have sneaky secret knowledge so I don't get taken for a ride


  • do you have a tow bar. we got one from halfords that fits on that. which for me is great as i don't have to haul the bike to roof level. and it tips forward for access into the boot.

    it's a bit pricey at £99 tho.

  • No, no tow bar (for better or for worse!)

  • My OH says go to Roof Box.  We got ours from there.

    We went for Thule rack and then a cheaper brand bike rack attachment thingamy and it works really well on our wee Citroen Xsara. 

    I wouldn't worry about hauling bikes up to the roof - I can get my rather heavy mountain bike on our roof (just!) and I'm just a 5'6'' girly... image

  • Just had a quick look and we got one like the fp270.  Looks the same and the price is about right.  We fit three comfortably on our car.  Just don't forget the bars!
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