Forerunner software alternative

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Like a lot of people I can't get my 305 to link properly with my PC.

This link...

is a free training software programme that looks pretty good...


  • deleted message - posted in error.

  • If you run a mac instead of a p.c. then I highly recommend 'ascent' - it's fab!
  • Trail Runner and IB running log are also good alternatives for Mac users but I'm not sure that IB running log works with the 205/305
  • Seconded the SportTracks software. 

    Nicest bit is the mapping software to show the run on a proper map, rather than the Garmin Training Centre  naff effort (unless you run purely on A roads then TC shows my run in "white space")

  • The new garmin connect software is great. I does pretty much everything AND you can get to see your mates routes, times etc etc.

  • Where is that then PL?
  • Derr!! just found it. Even have a Garmin account already!
  • does it work with the the 305 now?
  • According to my Garmin Software I run in blue space, as I run along the coast, but the map has me running in the water most of the time.  Maybe I should be training like they did in Chariots of Fire.

    The only advantage in the Garmin Software is the ability to build your own training programmes to load onto the device, otherwise I prefer the SportTracks software. 

  • Does anyone know which distances are more accurate -Garmin or sportracks. Sportracks alway gives my Garmin calucalted distances a little boost. Not much (up to 0.1 of a mile) but interested if anyone has any theories/explanations.
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