When do you become 'old'?



  • I was 48 Saturday and I'm not old yet - in fact I'm not even middle aged yet
  • I cant remember that far back
  • When I reach about 48 I'd say.
  • When you want to, I've decided not to bother.  Getting old equates to being sensible.

  • Probably when you sneak earplugs into a late bar when you're out with your mates. image
  • What you talkin' about, KK? Bumsexing?
  • I think there is a huge amount of mental attitude involved, as well as the luck of having good health, and its not as simple as reaching a certain age...  

  • Someone mentioned that I was middle aged (I'm 37) over the Christmas Break it made me stop and think! what does that mean? - does that mean I'm half way dead! image 
  • "I hope I die before I get old" - The Who 1965

    Yeah right...

  • State of mind.

    My mum is 75 and in perfect health, has decided she is "too old" to travel from Cambridgeshire to London to see us anymore.

    My dad is 79 with failing eyesight but he does the journey every few months and goes out walking every day (weather permitting).

    My auntie is 82 and travels all over the place on her own visiting friends and relatives.

  • It's not linked to a number, but to attitude and behaviour.

    I intend never to behave like a grown-up, so shall remain about 15 for ever image

  • They say "you are only as old as the woman you feel".  This would make me 92, as I just felt an old Granny's arse accidentally whilst giving her my seat on the bus.
  • How old are you coops? cos my granny just rang me to say she's been felt up on the bus by some randy bloke on the way to shops.........and she feels alot younger now.
  • I'm 9 on Thursday.  The police are on their way as she didn't have to reciprocate.
  • ime 54 and i feel ok i still run ,cycle use a gym, get drunk when ime not working , talk sh_t at a very high level and generaly make an arse of myself. does that answere any questions on the matter ... true i do get aches and pains that i never used to get but this body is 54 years old . but i think as the saying goes  your as old as you feel..
  • Health has a lot to answer for, my FiL is almost 75 and was regularly working abroad and walking the dog everyday, writing a novel and "text books". Since the summer he has had a series of health set backs and he is now a shrunken, frail looking old man.

  • yes that is true , i think there does come a time when things are out of your hands,...
  • when you'd rather have a seat at a gig so you can listen to the band, as opposed to risking injury in the mosh pit...

    when nothing but a cup of tea will do, and you make that 'aahh' noise after your first sip...

    when you prefer comfy clothes and shoes...

    when you buy an item of clothing that is unmistakably beige....


  • totp, damn.

    Er, that's not me by the way image

  • Is it how other people see you? or how old you feel yourself?  personaly I don't think about it much, and I hate it when someone says ''Oh I'm too old for that now.....'' not because of any physical reason just because of their self-image, don't be affaid to do something because of your age.

  • At times little things remind me i am getting older, like avoiding sitting on a bus on the top deck between 3.30-4.30 because school kids screaming and playing their phones drive me nuts.

     Oh and having to get up to take a leak in the  middle of the night.

     Saying all this though Gone Zo is right, although these things remind of aging etc i still feel young and will not let my age stop me trying new things, draw the line on playing on the swings  though image 

  • I think you can be too old for some things. E.g. I consider myself too old for mini skirts. My legs aren't bad, but I think it makes me LOOK older if I dress younger. And I would hate to be referred to as mutton.....but I'm not in twin set and pearls either. I'm pround to say my jeans are all raggedy at the heel, just like 'the kids'.image
  • Actually - just referring to them jokingly as 'the kids' suddenly makes me feel a bit aged.......
  • old?  What is this term you are using?  <denial....>

  • Slimline, don't know why you won't play on the swings - my grandson wanted me to a few weeks back, and I enjoyed it!

    Agree with you Loz - wouldn't want the phrase with mutton & lamb to be applied to me.

  • Is Clothing really an indicator to how old you are?  It just helps you look your best (or worst) depending if you have any dress sense to begin with...........I would look bad in a mini skirt too.image

  • Diane the swings are cool with the grandchildren but not on my own, Mutton dressed as lamb yes i can see the point, but heck you only live once and if it makes you feel good then why not, WEEEEEEE (THAT'S ME ON A SWING........Och my back image.
  • Just been asked out...am I too old to go skateboarding??! image
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