Ash excellent 8

I'll be doing this one on Sunday. Its in Somerset. Anyone done it before, or going to do it on Sunday?


  • Hello Mark
    I'm going too but have never done it before... I'm actually visting my folks in Somerset for the w/e, so thought I'd pop out on Sunday & do one of the races...
    Apart from 3 miles, what's the difference between the Excellent 8 and the Fearsome 5?
  • Hi Neil,
    Not sure what the difference is! I'll probably do the 8 though. I need the mileage! I live in Taunton so the race is just down the road for me. I'll be my first race since last year, so I'll feel it on Monday......
  • I would have done it had I not been doing the Great South. I've not done it before, but know runners who have. A good multi terrain course. Enjoy and good luck!
  • Thank you Hilly, the 8 it is then, see you there Mark!
  • See you there Neil.Let me know how you get on. I'll check back here on Sun afternoon.
    Hilly, do you know if the course needs studded shoes, or should I just wear my ordinary trainers?
  • Mark - Won't be near the net 'til Monday so look out for the Oswestry vest (there will only be one!) on the day, and that'll be me.
    Hopefully, you won't get too knackered on your 1st race back! Personally I'll take both type of shoes and decide on the day, but surely as this is Somerset & not N.Wales, normal shoes ought to be OK?
    You with a club?
  • It may be Somerset Neil but in winter off road runs are still of the muddy type! But seeing as it's still fine weather I'm sure as you say ordinary trainers should be ok.

    Have a good run both and enjoy!
  • Hi Neil
    Yeah you're prob right, I'll do with my normal shoes. Still You never can tell! Hilly knows what Somerset can be like! I've recently joined the Police and moved to a different area of the country, so am in-between clubs at the moment. I'm doing my training in Ashford, Kent, but I can't really commit myself to club nights at the mo.
    Send me an e-mail Neil, we'll have to arrange to meet for a pint or two after the race.
  • Hello Mark - sorry I didn't catch you there, but I left early on Friday with no access to the 'net. How did you get on? How do you feel today?
    Hilly - the race lived up to your description, so thank you.
    So the race is done... & it was a bit warm.
    After the sprint start I ended up in the first six for mile 1, behind the Royal Navy Man & the ubquitous Tipton runner! But when the going got tough (the hill) I dropped quite a few places and ended up about 24th in 58mins! Lovely run, ace scenery, horrible hill, nice people. Would recommend it to others. What did you make of it?
  • Hi neil
    I didn't make it after all that! I had an exam today, and so didn't get time to race yesterday.Spent most of the day studying!!!
    I sent off my entry for London today though, so racing and training begins in earnest! If you get down this way again, try to do one of the weston prom 5 milers. They are great thursday night races along the prom. Very fast.
    Take care Mark
  • Well done Neil!

    I've yet to get to do the race even though it's one I've heard a lot about and keep meaning to do it. Maybe next year. I'm hoping to do The Exmoor Stagger which is another of the Somerset series of runs. I've done it before, it's 16 miles off road and fantastic! If ever you get the chance it's one to do.
  • Well, thank you both for your input and your praise.
    Hilly - Good luck for the Stagger, I heard a few people talking about it whilst I was in Ash.
    Mark - hope the exam result goes your way!

    I shall have to visit my folks in the West Country a bit more often and do a few more races that you've recommended.
    Next up for me is the Lake Vyrnwy Half on Sunday!
    See you out and about, or in the forum somewhere soon!
  • It was my first time at Ash - I thought it was a great course apart from the detour through the cow s***y yard! Could easily have ended up flat on the floor there!
    I'm planning to do the Stagger too - did it last year and it was horrendous! I understand the course has changed this year and now goes to the summit of Dunkery Beacon (highest point on Exmoor.
  • Hi Lin C,
    It's amazing isn't it that even when we say something is horrendous we still go back and do it again. I have to admit that as tough as the Stagger was I still loved it.

    I hope to do it this year but I'm still not quite sure. Good luck yourself. Do you run for a club in Somerset?
  • Hi Hilly
    I haven't got round to joining a club yet (I've only been running for about 10 years!) but I do belong to Team, headquarters cyberspace!
    What time did you do at the Stagger last year? I took a lengthy 2hrs 52 - I was totally unprepared for how hard it was! Ash was a doddle in comparison. Good luck for this year.
  • Hi again Lin C,
    sorry it's taken so long to reply. These threads disappear so fast. Anyway I didn't run Exmoor last year, I think it was in either '99 or 2000 and I did it in about 2.16. It certainly is a challenging course and that final hill......
  • Hi Hilly
    I was going to say hope to see you on the Stagger this year, but in view of your previous time I'll probably only see your back view...and at a great distance!! Have just looked at Cheddar Half forum - also hoping to do that so chances are may see you there.
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