Dubai Marathon 2008

Anyone running this?

I am image


  • When is it slow duck???
  • Just looked and it seems it's 18th Jan.  I've done some cramming of training before but I think fitting a 4 month schedule into one week is perhaps pushing it image Maybe next year.  Good luck!!!!
  • Hello H.

    Thanks.  I agree with you that squeezing 4months' training into one week is a big ask!image


  •  Hello Slow Duck,

             Flying out Wednesday night from Birmingham did the race last year nice flat course !

  • Hello Saddler,

    Will look out for you.  I'm number 450 and will be wearing a maroon "Dorking & Mole Valley AC" vest.


  •      Hello Slow Duck,

                   Not a massive field so should see each other I'm number 51 with a GB Vest on.

  • Morning gents - hope to see you there I'm 857 running in yellow (camouflage for the desert). This race used to go through all the sights of Dubai centre and Deira but now is basically 13 miles out along the beach road, turn round and come back again. Still, nice and flat!

    Elite field includes Gebreselassie so we should see him fly past in the oposite direction at some point...

  • X-KKDX-KKD ✭✭✭

    Best of luck to all.

    My sister lives there and says that they really look after you - if you're a quick finisher and they couldn't care less about you if you're back of the field, so make sure you've got plenty of people lined up to give you water along the way!

  • Oh dear, so it looks like I'm not going to get the red-carpet treatment...

    Hoping to finish in around 4 hours...


  • X-KKDX-KKD ✭✭✭

    It s been torrential rain for the past 4 days apparently and they closed ALL the roads and declared a National Holiday for Bush's visit!  So there might be plenty water about anyway!

    Hope you have a fab time Slow Duck and do really well.  Enjoy!

  • KKD when we arrived on Wednesday it was pouring with rain.  Some of the main roads were reduced to 3 lanes (from 7) as the other lanes were completely under water...Luckily it is sunny this morning!

    Slight change of plan.  I'll be wearing no.986 instead.

    I think my original number was handed out to someone else in error... So I had to be re-registered with a new one...

    Hope everone else collected their numbers ok.  I must admit I was surprised that there was no Expo but it seems to be a fairly small marathon... 


  • Well, I suspect this will be remembered for the race in which Haile went within 27 seconds of earning a cool million dollars - although he did get a quarter million for first prize which should prove some consolation. He apparently had entrusted his pacemaker to run a 62.30 half way pace but despite telling him 5 times to slow down he went through in 61.15, a big difference and too much too soon.

     The wind on the way back got up a bit and was quite hard work, also the last hour was a bit hot but probably less than in recent years and at the end of the day what do you expect for the Middle East? I enjoyed the run and came home in 3 56-odd although the official website seems to have been down since I got home (flew same evening which wasn't very clever on reflection) so can't confirm exact details or see when photos are out.

    Great to catch up with Slow Duck at about 22kms and stayed close by for around 10kms before I flagged - SD I suspect you were close to 3 50 if you held that pace? Thanks for saying Hi.

    Undoubted highlight was seeing Gersellassie at the beginning, beaming and smiling at various fans as he warmed up, and then sure enough in full flight on the home straight on Jumeirah Beach as we plodded on the upward leg - truly awesome speed and balance (no, him, not me...)

    An enjoyable race, certainly flat and pretty good conditions although a but monotonous with a straight out and back making up over 30kms of the 42. Good sized and friendly field, decent medal and some short queues for a massage at the end which was great - laid out in the sunshine having my quads pummelled was quite a treat.

    Saddler I missed you unless your shirt was a Foska cross of St George with a lion on it? How did you get on?

  • Hi AlcoPop, it was great to have a chat during the race.

    One thing I forgot to ask you - where are you running next?  Are you entered for Valencia again?

    I also found the last hour or so a bit on the hot side - so I was glad to finish when I did.  Managed to finish in 3:51 - you're eye for pacing is pretty spot on! 

    The website appears to be fixed now and you can check your results...


  • Hi SD, well done on a great time - the wind on the backward leg and the later heat/brightness in the last hour didn't help.

    Checked results on website now and also have seen the photos via, some decent ones although all of mine except one are from the last 10 yards where despite a smile I rarely look my best! Other one is taken with the Burj hotel as backdrop, quite spectacular - will probably order this one.

    No plans for next marathon but I do 3-4 each year and always on the lookout for new international locations - might try Krakow or Riga in May they're both cheap easyjet options and should be something a bit different...

  • Hi all,

                     Sorry I missed you all Race went  ok did 3.00.46 so Pb but slowed so much after 32k as

    running on my own . Will try & Sub 3 at Edingburgh in May , hope you all enjoyed the race .

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