13 to 14 weeks training programme?


I was hoping to start the Runners World FLM training programme on 24 December but have been ill these past two weeks over Christmas with a bad throat infection and cold (now on antibiotics), so have been unable to get out running, which has meant I have missed the first two weeks of the 16 week Runners World training programme.

Does anyone know if I can I still train for the FLM in 13 to 14 weeks? I notice in the official Marathon News magazine of the FLM that they have a 13 week training programme and I also downloaded from RunnersWorld.ltd.uk site a 14 week programme.

Am I not to late to start on Monday 7 January with my training?? I'm desperate to get going after my illness but am worried the two weeks illness has really set me back....???

I have completed a number of half marathons so am not a complete novice.



  • You'll be fine

    They do 16 week schedules from the couch to the startline jobs. You have previous.

    You have time, just begin at week 2 or 3 and get on with it

  • You'll be fine.  If you use SmartCoach, you can tell it that you only have 13 weeks to train and it will put together a programme for you.

  • you will be fine . why not enter a half marathon . there are plenty coming up . i did liverpool last year its 2nd march . i am not the most experienced myself but i think tou shold aim to do a long run say 18mile min at least 4 wks before the big day .

  • i am in similar situation.i decided to do london marathon for rnib in december when i stopped smoking.i started to run every other day and joined a gym to get time on a treadmill too then been ill over xmas and now have abscess in my toothwhich is very painful.im sure i can still get fit enough in time!?also have trouble with my left heal it feels like its bruised the day after running especially first thing in the morning .any advice anyone?and good luck daveyp im sure you'll be ok

  • In 2006 I started in February and was OK, like you I had done several halfs. I reckon that running experience counts for more than a couple of weeks of a training plan.
  • Thanks everyone for the comments - makes me feel better.

    I am going to start next Monday - 14 Jan which gives me 13 weeks training. Am just finishing my course of antibiotics this week and getting back to 100% following Christmas illness so being cautious and starting next Mon rather than this Monday.

    I feel much more encouraged now I know other people have suffered similar problems and have even started in Feb (Mr Puffy).

    Will try Smart Coach for a 13 week training programme!

    Hope you sort out your heel problem too Kev!
  • I also managed to get it done last year on 12 weeks of training due to an injury. Just lower your goal slightly and train as you would normally - don't overtrain to try and compensate, it will come back to haunt you.

    Good luck,


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