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I've only been running for a year now. But in that time I've suffered quite a few injuries.  After going to the doctors, they noticed that my right leg and foot were smaller that the left, and I had a weak pulse in that leg too. (Why they hadn't noticed this before is beyond me).  I was sent for an MRI, and five weeks later I went back to the doctors to see the results.  All the doctor could make out was that I had spina bifida.  I have been going to a physio, and she has helped alot to improve my core, but I just don't know if these problems I have will limit me.  Can anyone offer me advice.


  • I'm no expert, but I guess thats not ideal.

    But I would try not to worry too much - lots of us have limitations, and still enjoy running and racing to the best of our abilities.

    I know there is a spina bifida charity that has places for the marathon - you could ask them for advice ?
  • Anthony - the info you have provided is far too limited for anyone to give a definitive answer....this is only the net. However as Cougie say, many people train with limitations.......I would imagine it's up to you to decide that it won't limit you more than it need to ?

    I'm limited.........we all are by something. Don't be defined by the limitation  - it would be easy to focus on that. Ignore it, get good advice from physio and enjoy 

  • It's one of my biggest problems, trying to be positive, but I've just got my appointment to speak to a consultant  Neurosurgen for March, and this will sort things out, (thinking positive).  Sorry Mrs Pig, I know the info I supplied was a bit short, but the report I have from my MRI is a page long, and the doc's are unable to explain to me in English
  • I didn't mean it critically Anthony. I think the net can provide advice etc but your question possibly needs an answer that can only come from professionals with the results and you in front of them

    Wht Cougie and I have said is still true - be as positive as you can and don't let it limit you.  Good Luck with the neuro drs 

  • Sounds like Spina Bifida Occulta possibly with a degree of spinal cord tethering.

    Around 20% of people have some form of this condition, and most don't know about it unless they happen to have an xray or scan for some reason.

    There's an Australian info sheet here.

    A net doctor answer here.

    The wikipedia page and a personal website someone with quite severe symptoms.

    May give you some background to prepare for the neurology appointment.

    Keep up the training. GL 

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