Tips of setting a good pace?

I'm finding that setting a good pace really difficult - My best runs are when I've magically found the right speed to run - are there any  tips or things I can do to get better at it?  or is it something you just get the hang of - eventually!


  • Maybe try running to your heart rate ?

    I think it prob is a practice thing.
  • Thanks Cougie - I've not used a heart rate monitor before but there is one lying around the House somewhere (Mrs GZ's)  - what's the best way of using it for the first time?

  • Are you keeping a log of your runs?  That way you can look back at runs which felt right or you went further and see how far you went, what time etc.  Then you can get a feel for the speed that suits you (sir).  Then aim to get to certain points on your run in a certain time.

  • Thanks Greg C - will look at it properly at home

    Farnie - (Hiya) no I haven't kept any sort of log image - I will have to get jiggy with the writing.

    The pace thing has really been buggin me though, I mostly feel like I've had bad runs rather than good ones - and when I see the home straight I mostly always feel relieved I'm home with nothing left in the tank for a last sprint or thinking ''hey I'll go an extra mile cause I feel good''

    Good pointers thanks guys - if anyone has anymore please feel free.

  • Based on your last posting it sounds like your 'bad' runs are started at a pace that is too fast and your 'good' runs are started at a more conservative pace so that you have something left at the end.

    So.... start slower that you think you can run at then you'll always have something left at the end.

    For me; 'bad' runs are in a town, 'good' runs are in the countryside, so it could also be the location?


  • Regarding the log - You could use Fetcheveryone. Logging your runs there makes it easy to track your progress and make sure you are increasing distance and pace nice and gradually...
  • or if you are a mega geek like me image get jiggy with excel.

    and no nicking Mrs Gone Zo's Christmas prezzie!

  • mmmmmmm - I'm not as tech savy as her - she is the gadget queen! I do secretly want to have a go on her Garmin and she offered it to me on Sunday but the batteries were dead, which shows after alot of umming and aarrring I got her an OK prezzie after-all, she's worn it out already image

     Oh and, image I'm a geek too!

  • The trick whith pacing which I still struggle with on ocassion seems to be not to start to fast and ease into it. I find that if I start to fast my legs tire quicker than when I start slower and build up the pace to whatever I am aiming for in that session.

     Hope this helps,


  • Thanks for that DM2 image
  • GZ I always use my garmin just make sure it's set on avg pace not just pace and if you get behind don't rush to get the time back average it over how many mile you have left to go.
  • The Fetch training Log is really good I used it after this mornings run and can see me using it lots thanks Greg image - Mrs GZ's Heart Monitor says I have no heart though image  so will have to invest in one I think.  I did have another hard run this morning but I do feel like I'm doing something about it now, and also felt really good after it, so cheers for all suggestions.

    GD - Mrs GZ has got a Garmin 101 - there is no HRM on it, but she said I can borrow it for measuring distance and time, which is good if I'm not doing a familar route.

  • I have 201 and wouldn't leave the house without it so so good for keeping pace.

    i'm cr@p without it, I run far to fast without it.

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