Single leg drills - just on one leg

I'm a little compromised at the moment with my right leg strapped in compression bandages. 

Would it be foolish of me to do some single leg drills, just with my left leg?  Or will I end up with only my left leg looking like Chris Hoy's?


  • Holly,

    My understanding of SLD's is to help create a balance in the legs and even up the cycling action in both legs. This being done by training the legs to do complete circles instead of a more square action that most of us have. So, by doing SLD's on just one leg would you not be creating an inblance in training one leg to do a complete action and the other failing behind?

  • is a single leg drill when you lead with one leg as you are cycling?

    sorry  to interrupt holly
    i really don't know

  • hope the leg's ok - what have you done to it?

    i also think it might not be ideal to only work on one side - i think i would only do that if some suitably 'qualified' person  told me that was the best way to sort out an exosting imbalance.

    luker - you can either lead (mentally) with one leg - just let the other float round or take your foot out and rest it on a box. only advisable on a turbo! i'm not convinced of their usefulness over other turbo sessions for your average, time-strapped IMer. however, i do quite often put my attention on one leg then the other while turboing - partly because it might prevent me becoming dominant in one leg but mainly because it passes the time!

  • I had minor surgery yesterday so I'm out of action for a while and I'm truly bored.  It's only day 1.
  • Ooh you nutter - what have you been up to now ?

    I think its quite handy as a drill because it shows up weaknesses between legs. My right is dominant over my left so I know I need to work on building that one up a bit more and make sure its not shirking.

    So if the leg thats OK isnt the dominant one, then yeah - could work, but if it is the dominant, then its prob not a good idea.

    How long are you out of action for ?
  • oh dear, recover well. can you row? might be something to do - if your leg is not upto it, you can put it on a duster on the floor so it slides backwars and forwards with you.
  • Don't be a wuss - you are training for an ironman not wendyball image
  • Uuummm.  If I say, you have to promise not to laugh? 
    I've had my varicose veins done.  So I'm out of action for a week at least.

    My left leg is my weaker one so a few sessions might be worthwhile then.

  • Could I have the old ones I need some new laces

  • erm holly

    i thought you had to use the leg to get the new veins to open up - a major turbo sessionmight not be a grrat idea - but you are not supposed to rest the leg completely

  • Hi lurker, I can once the bandages come off but I don't think I can bend my leg enough to pedal with them on and he wants me to keep them on for at least a week, more if I can!  So I'm walking lots to compensate.

    As soon as they're off, I'm back onto my beloved turbo.  Running might take longer, as that might hurt an I am a wuss.

  • yeah - i think walking would be more advisable!!! - in your smart TED stockings

    but i am told you have to "walk through the pain" ;-/ to get those new veins going

    good luck

  • Am not even in something as luxurious as TED stockings.  These are full-on thick adhesive bandages.  I'm also aware that while I can carefully shower in them, I don't want to get all sweaty in them.  That wouldn't be nice.
  • no ew!!


  • Hopp!! Hopp!! Hopp!!

    As you wear.

  • Holly, whilst walking sounds a good idea I would be cautious about raising your heart rate too much so soon.
    Use the time off to sort yourself out a training plan or do some resistance training. Get some swim cords or dumb bells and work on upper body and core strength for a week?

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    or cook some nutritious and healthy meals for that fat git!

    you could mark some OU assignments for me too if you like.

  • debbo, I'm having to be healthy.  I've worked out how much I can eat when I'm not doing exercise.  It's very little.  Still, I must be smart because I found a core body set that I can do every day instead. 

    I always fancied getting a red pen out on someone else's work.  Send them over.  image

  • can you manage a spot of hoovering ?
  • yes, kk, that would be good.

    And Melds, I'm shocked.  I don't even vacuum here!

  • Cat entertainer for an hour or so?
  • Not sure the cat currenty on my lap would approve.

  • you just cant help some people
  • Cool. thank you.

    I'm reckoning that i can get on the turbo at the weekend (if the bandages allow or just for the left leg!), then I'll start back just turboing for a week once the bandages are off, and start back running later that week or the week after.

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