The company Great Run, the ones that organize Great North Run, Great Manchester Run etc. In my opinion they  seem to of lost the plot. They organize loads of good events, but my complaints are:

Cost of their events is getting beyond a joke.

Complete lack of support of info from there office. They never answer emails, and can currently not advise on the cost of the Great Manchester Run, even though their online entry system starts taking orders this week.

 They seem to be getting too big for their boots, and seem to have trown customer service out of the window. Anyone else agree.

 P.S. I know I could just not attend there event, but they are good.


  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    I think the honest thing is to go elsewhere

    I took issue with a few events becoming far too commercial and profit orientated a few years ago, and was not prepared to pay an extra tenner to enter. I meanwhile have uncovered some absolute gems that I never knew even existed.

    Take a look through the top 50 races in this months RW, all the top races there are ones that RW readers/runners have voted for

  • Hi PaulF, I think you are right, time to look elsewhere. Cheers HR

  • Great point you guys.

    People are starting to get fed up with alot of entry money and rubbish prizes to be honest.

    Good example - try the Cabbage patch 10 rather than the Great South - fantastic race.

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