Download RW schedule to Garmin 305

Has anyone downloaded one of the RW training schedules to the Garmin 305.  I have just bought the 305 and have downloaded a 16 week marathon schedule to the Garmin Training Center but have had problems.  I entered the race date as 27/04/2008 but when I looked in the calendar the schedule finishes on 27/03/2008 (the start date is Friday 07 December 2007 when it should be Monday 07 January 2008).  Am I doing something wrong?  I have checked today's date in the Training Center and it's correct.

 Can anyone help?


  • I just downloaded one a couple of days ago, and the dates came out OK, at least, for my target in early May. But I did see that the HR fields didn't update properly when I changed the max from 200 to my own 192. I tabbed back and forth a bit to get them to update. So maybe there's something similar with the date field. Try it again and see!
  • Hi Woodville.  The same thing happened to me. Yesterday I deleted all the workouts in Training Centre and downloaded the RW schedules again, putting in the correct race date and now the schedule finishes on 12 th April. 

    In the meantime I have updated my TC software from Garmins web page, and also updated the Garmin itself with Webupdater alsop from the Garmin Webpage.

    I don't know if it is coincidence, or perhaps I did not enter the date properly first time, or what..

    Does your Garmin work correctly with TC in other respects?

  • Thanks for the info.  I have also updated the software from the Garmin web page and that has solved the problem so I think the update is why yours is now OK (you probably entered the right date to start with).

    The Garmin seems to work OK in other respects although I haven't used it that much yet.  I particularly like the link with Google Maps - if you haven't tried it yet I recommend it.

    If any one else reads this and is planning on buying the Garmin 305 (it might also be the case for other models) I suggest downloading TC from the web rather than using the CD supplied.

    Anyway, I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of it as I'm training for my first marathon (Lochaber).  Is anyone else running it?

    Happy running!

  • Hi Woodville-how do you link with google maps?
  • It does it itself - it's one of the menu options in the latest TC
  • Well I've tried and best I can find is a link to google earth that just opens up as a seperate program, as opposed to sport track which displays map or sat in a window. I will go and look for an update.. (again)...
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Woodville, do you have Windows Vista? I had the same problem and it seems that the Garmin Training Centre software that comes with the Garmin isn't Vista compatible, but downloading the software direct from the website is fine.
  • Oops, that's what I meant - Google Earth. I'm running on XP.

    As an aside, I've been using Karvonen heart rate zones before, which are based on heart rate reserve, whereas the Garmion schedules use a simple %age of max. The former make me work a bit harder since they result in zones a few beats higher. Not sure what to do, but at least the RW Garmin download area has advice on what to do if you want to change your HR zones.

  • Hi to everyone.  I'm running on XP so it wasn't a Vista problem.  I think the problem was that software on the CD was out of date - downloading from the net seems the way to go.

     Regards Google Earth - if you go into the 'view' menu there is an option to view in Google Earth (can't remember the exact words).  It opens a separate window but your workout should appear on it (it seems to take a while to initialize though).  You can then zoom to follow the route and if you are running up and down hills you can also tilt the image.  Some places give better resolution than others but I could make out the features in my very small back yard.

  • Just realised the cause of all the confusion - when I originally mentioned Google Maps, I meant Google Earth.  Sorry - I blame the wife - she does all the geeky stuff cos I'm a technophobe.
  • I've downloaded the sub 3:30 schedule to my 305, but there are differences between the schedule in the article and the workouts on the Garmin.

    E.g. Week 4 on my Garmin is

    Mon: 4 miles easy: Tue 6x800 reps: Wed 8M slow: Thu 3M brisk wu/cd: Fri Rest : Sat 5M easy: Sun 10K race

    The article says

     Mon: Rest: Tue 6x1000 reps: Wed 7M slow: Thu 5M : Fri Rest : Sat 4M easy: Sun 12M

    Which schedule should I use?

  • Yes, I also have different information. PLease can the download file be updated to reflect the web site info.
  • Agree,

     I went in to show a friend which schedule I had downloaded so he could do the same onto his new toy........hought i was going mad, couldnt seem to locate my schedule anywhere!  I guess from the coments above the file he downloads will be the same as mine even if the site states differently. This needs to be resolved to avoid confusion.

  • what does the fartlek involve?
  • Why does what I download from this site not reflect what is described in the step-by-step plan here? For instance the download into Garmin Training center has totally different runs scheduled each today compared to the descriptions in this web page?


  • When I download the schedule, and put it into my calender, the activities match on the appropriate days and my marathon is on the correct day.  The only thing I noticed, for instance week 1, its states 3 mile, 3 Mile then a 4 Mile on Wednesday, but on my training centre the distances are different.  Anyone have any idea on this.
  • I followed this schedule for the 2012 Edinburgh Marathon.  I didn't actually bother to download it to my Garmin, but followed the plan albeit not religiously (but as near as I could).  I did include all the long runs and speed work.  

    The point in telling you all this, is that it did work!!  I know this may sound a bit obvious, but thought it might be worth mentioning for anyone considering the RW training plans!  It's a lot of time and dedication, so great to know they work! 

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