The Ferriby 10

Anyone else doing this/done this before...


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    Yes and yes - most of the work is in the first half, it then gets easier but with an uphill finish, quite a scenic route based at a school with good facilities, I always enjoy it and I ain't fast! The weather always seem to be either cold, wet or windy or all three, I remember one year running it in a blizzard and about half an inch of snow which was interesting, especially wearing glasses...
  • Yes it is a good one to do and I will be doing it too. I have too run in blizzards and snow LOL although last year was not so bad.

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  • I'm in, number arrived yesterday...not sure about the blizzards through. If the area is getting the same amount of rain as where I live we'll be swimming round!
  • Just to put your minds at rest the weather for the past 5 years has been good. In fact on 2 of those occasions we have had lovely sunny days, No guarantees though. Hope you all enjoy the race.                

     Dave.    Organising committee.

  • Yep, forecast is looking good. More sunglasses than waterproofs! Thanks Dave
  • Sounds good im really looking forwards to it my first run of 2008 and my first race over 10k. So glad its not looking like blizzards but with the lovely British weather who knows.
  • It's my first of the year, not sure how well I've prepared - the distance shouldn't be a problem but I doubt there will be any PB's in the offing for me. Some Christmas pundage still within my midrift !!!!

     Good luck on Sunday

  • lee2006 you do realise this is a 10 mile race and not a 10 k I hope you've done enough training, especially with that sharp hill at the end!
  • And don't forget to smile for the camera - will be taking photos for RW tomorrow.
  • Yeah I meant its my first race further than 10k so ready for the 10 miles.

     I think that should work just on the City of Hull AC website. Was a good run if not a little bit too windy for my liking 

  • Looking at the results im wondering if i saw you yesterday as we only finished about 30 seconds apart.
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