'Marathon preparation'



  • would love to know how i can adapt my working mum week into a marathon training schedule? 6 mile round trip school run x2 per week, pushing buggy up and down hills, and a very boring and busy 8 mile up hill run home from work max x3 per week - realistic x2 when I can manage it, plus a long one at the weekend. Done several halfs but first marathon this year - edinburgh, would like to do sub 0345hrs, so far best half 1h39. any thoughts? and yes I am lazy just cannot get out of bed to go for a run before the kids wake up, but maybe it will come to that.


  • How fast are the 'steady   easy   slow' paces?
  • I also would like some clariication as to 'steady', 'slow' and 'easy' paces.... Is there a difference at all?

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