Poole 10K Online entry now open

Hello again,

 Thanks to all of you who entered last year and we hope to see you this year.This years race is the 27th year of running the race in Poole Park

We have the main 10k -a fast PB course with the winning times for the men dipping below 30 minutes on a regular basis-  a Dorset Road Race League fixture again this year

 Minithon childrens races for the young athletes in the family

The 5km race this year has been opened up to club athletes for the first time and has a prize structure

In the 10k race, the second water station at Turks Lane will return 

 Hall and Woodhouse -Badger Beers- will have the beer tent open earlyimage

 We have online entry earlier this year and have entry forms available for all races to download at the Poole Runners website here

thanks Race Directors Poole Runners



  • For further info go to


  • How many laps is the 10k run?
  • 2 laps both the same route quite flat image its my PB course anyway

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    It's a very good race. Done it lots of times. My only gripe is that it starts at 2pm (at the beginning of June!!!!).

    gb - flat apart from the bridge at the start of the lap and the incline over the far side of the park.......image

  • Well OK ---ish

    the course record is 29.09 so it cant be that bad   

    as for the 2pm start we dont have any choice logistically because of the childrens races in the morning we couldnt ask 1,000  8-12 year olds to run in the heat however the adults can make an informed choice.

    Last year we added a second water station which helped enormously St.Johns had no heat realated problems at all

    Fancy it again this year Womble??? Badger beer tentimage

  • 29.09, I think I can beat that

    For the first lap any way image

  • I'm in and so is my hubby image
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    I've already posted off my entry - over three weeks ago image

    And yes, I know about the children's races and yes the new water station is spot on. I'll be there.

    Fincher, I judge how well I'm doing from year to year as to how close I am to the leader ...... them at the end of the second lap and me the first.

  • Womble - I'm currently not running but have done this twice. Each time it was a point of pride to finish the first lap before the winner crossed the finish line, but it was a close callimage
  • I'm in for this one.
  • Everyone come and find me on the day it would be great to meet you all
  • I cannot do this one now.

    I will try the Southampton 10k in May instead ( I hope that has a beer tent).

    Good luck everyone

  • I'm doing this. I think I am the only person that actually likes afternoon races. All my training is done in the evening and I can never run well first thing in the morning. The heat is an issue but I don't mind. A good idea is to wear a camelbak if you really struggle with the heat.
  • Online entry to the 5k is now available image
  • I'm doing this one.... my first long run EVER

    I'll be over the moon if i make it at all

  • Your attention please

    The race is nearly full we will be stopping online entry in the next few days so be quick image

    Details www.poolerunners.com 

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    We're not going to be around on the day, Goldie, so wish you all the best for another successful day.
  • Hi

    Lol at the camelbak suggestion - it's only 19k, surely carrying that would make you sweat more with the weightimage I'm sure it's a good idea really if you do have a problem with heat and are not looking to go as fast as you can.

     I've done this race a few times and never done good due to the heat, but its a nice course and i'll be there again his year.

  • Hilly hope you are up for some competition got a few quick Ladies coming down
  • Oops just realised I said it was 19k, maybe a camelbak would be ok for thatimage

    GB - I'm only competitive against myself.  I have my own targets and what others do I'm in no control of.

    Who are the superstars this year then?

  • no superstars just some good runners like yourself
  • In past years I recall the likes of Hayley Yelling running it and some others too.  Always nice to have a mix of abilities.  Let's hope it's a nice cool race then the sun shines for the remainder of the afternoon.

    I know it's always been an afternoon race, but could it not be switched to early morning for the 10k  in the future and have the junior events afterwards? 

  • we have looked at switching them but...... the council who a responsible for the Junior races want them in the morning, H&S they say,  the results are difficult to get out quick enough for the junior races and do the presentations the same day LOL, we could chip time the 10k but that would then load a very large cost onto the runners

    For club runners £8.50 and unattached £10.50 are fair prices chip timing could add at least another £3 per runner.Its a cost we couldnt absorb

  • GB - my Dad was a member of Poole AC so I have done a few, even though I live away.

    In 1995 it was on a saturday, on the old course If I remember rightly. I suppose it is on Sunday for good now? I will have to remember to pat Mr 'Barnes I' on the head when i go past him  -I entered yesterday. If I can catch him of course!

  • Online entries are now closed.

    The race is nearly full and we are taking postal entiries only until postal closing date

    Numbers will be sent out in the next 2 weeks.

    Go to www.poolerunners.com for updates

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  • ...supported by the "German Embassy Bournemouth".
  • Goldbeetle - Have been following the entry numbers on Poole Runners website (as I keep giving forms to our club members) , and the number does not seem to have changed much recently - showing 842 today - I suspect this is understating the case ? Have told my colleague to post her entry first class today and hope this is in time.

  • Hi RG we are still accepting entries through snail mail we are very close to full

    if you need more entry forms


  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭

    10k m Race now full

    loads of places in the 5km and childrens Minithons

    Entry forms at:


    Best running club in the UK Runners World awards 2008image

  • Man am I looking forward to this one! Hoping to beat my 10km PB of 49mins.

    Is it me, or is there less runners this year? Not sure why, just seem to remember there being more than 1325 in previous years?

     Also, I dont see Williard Chinhnhu in the list of entrants?

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