Snowdonia Marathon

I will be running this event & it will be my first ever marathon, but I have the training & support from a good friend. He  has  run it  14 times, has anyone got any helpful tips to for me.

Thank's Darren 



  • listen to the friend who has run it 14 timesimage
  • Wanted to run this again but will have to miss out like last year as it clashes again with the Beachy Head Marathon. I had heard unofficially that Snowdon was to revert to the Sunday after last year's one-off move to the Saturday to celebrate it's 25th anniversary. Probably not enough of us hopefuls wishing to do the triple  (incl. Dublin) to concern the race organiser.

    Snowdon is a marvellous marathon though, and anyone considering it should do it!

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    Ideal first marathon Darren, you cant beat it.

    Lots of first timers too. Add some extra hill work to any normal marathon training scedule and you'll be fine

  • oh NO!!!!!!!!!!

    I was sure they would move this back to Sunday

  • But it says Sat 25th @ the top of this page, & i've booked B&B already................image
  • Book mark the Snowdodonia thread...nearly 700 posts and we haven't even had our breakfast yet!!



  • List time??

  • Does this work? Snowdodonia thread here (or there? ! ) It's definitely the Saturday.
  • Oh Dear.... Really wanted to do this so I can work on a double and then the triple...

    Maybe next year I suppose!

  • 9 months to go!


  • Practice walking uphill, because at 21 miles it starts to get steep ! 

    The most awesome race you will ever do. Pain is guaranteed. But at the end, be proud of yourself.


  • Honorary Welshman - follow this link - go on!! image
  • Carb loading soon...AGTFSNOD08 with a ring a ring a roses


  • Im interested in doing this.

    My current marathon PB is 2.54 (Abingdon 2006)

    Doing London this year and hoping to get round about 2.45.

    How do times on this course compare to London???

    (Will I say be 30 mins slower on this course)???

    Rich O

  • Richard, you'll get lots of nice answers to that question here . . .
  • well Richard,

    This will be my first time but from what I understand ,look towards Double that......................... 

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    Richard, this will be my 5th Snowdon Marathon on the trot. ASsa rough guide I usually end up being about 30mins behind an average marathon time.

    So you'll be at Abingdon the week before like me then????

  • PaulF

    Not this year pal.

    Only doing London this year (serious) Looking to get under 2.45.

    IF I do snowdon it will only be for the experience.



  • For those of you looking to do a double or the tripple. 

    I have been talking to the organisers and they have confirmed that they are very happy for us to run this race "unoficially" on the Sunday and will leave  the signs up and provide us with maps. 

    I am planning to give the tripple a crack so everyone welcom to join me.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    Mark, you're running this three times in three days?!

    After doing it once you really wont need a map. The course is really easy to follow!

  • LOL Paul No the tripple is Beachy head on the Saturday, Snowdonia on the Sunday and Dublin on Monday a perfect weekend !
  • Fare play to you Mark, I'll be lucky if i get round once.

    This after all will be my 1st marathon........... 

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    this one really isnt as harrowing as it sounds!
  • Darren Bradley 4 wrote (see)

    I will be running this event...

    Thank's Darren 

    So Darren, should we be directing the questions about organisation to you? image

    I've just signed up for this. I was booked on it las year, but somehow stopped running (I'd not run for about 18 months until yesterday - yet another person inspired by watching the London Marathon!).

    Once I've done this - I'd have run my first marathon.

    Check out my running blog at: 

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Ah, the official thread.  Mosey along to the Snowdodonia thread if you like for all the information, advice, and chat about this one.

    LYDLT - you've made a good start, and a good choice for first mara.  Don't stop now ...

  • I've just seen the official thread - all 104 pages of it!!! image

    I'd need a whole quiet weekend to read through that lot - and I don't have one of those until... errrr ... October! image

    I don't suppose there is a kind soul who will summarise it for me is there?

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  • Hi liveyourdream,

    I am very pleased that you have started running again, unfortunately I may not running for quite a while myself now.  I have not been running for 7 weeks due to a groin strain, I keep thinking it's getting better go out for mile or 3 and soon realise its not ................... I'm gutted...............................but my B&B is booked for snowdon so i'll be there anyway...

    Keep up the running and (Live your dream life today) take care mate... 

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    This will be my 5th Snowdonia on the trot LYDLT, what questios do you have?
  • Hi Darren - I hope your injury recovers well so you can do the Snowdon. I've never been injured because I've not really run "that" much. Try to stay positive and tell your body that it is great at healing really quickly (some people swear by this sort of positive thinking - as a way to utilize the body's amazing healing power).

    Mr F - My ultimate goal is to get a four hour time for the FLM09 - I know that Snowdon is not one for setting a PB on, but if I am aiming for four hours in London - how much more time to you think Snowdon will put onto those four hours? An extra 1/2 hour?

    Are the hills really that steep? and is the organisation good? i.e. will I have any hassle with parking near the race (I still get a cold sweat when I think of the travel hassle when I did the GNR image

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