new rear wheel....

Hiya. I'm looking to get a spare rear wheel to leave the turbo tyre on. Do I have to look for a specific spindal or anything to be compatable with my current one?  

- (i'm planning to change the cassette at the same time to give a wider range.)


  • The wheel needs to be compatible with whatever cassette you need to suit your mechs/shifters etc.   So if you use say campag 9 speed the wheel needs to be able to fit a campag 9 speed cassette.    Shimano 10 speed cassettes will fit a shimano 9 speed hub though I think not vice versa - at least not in all cases.    So yes basically you need to check it's compatible.  

  • thanks...

    so if im buying on the web, what words am I looking for? or is this something beter done in the real world?

    I've seen compag wheels, but not much in the way of compat info on generic wheels.

    (it's a compag 10 speed casset i've got)

  • If its just a wheel for the turbo and poss to double up as a spare in emergencies then you dont need a flash one. And if you are getting a bigger block too - then wont you want the blocks swapped over ?

    Its an easy enough job if you have the tools and know what you're doing, but if you havent - I'd prob nip down the local bike shop - get something off him and flutter your eyelashes and get him to swap the blocks over ? And its Campag - dont ask for compag ! image
  • ooops. i id know that. I was planning to have a go and then flutter my eyes at a local pirate when I failed.

    there's an evans and a cycle surgery near work.... would either be good?

  • Never had service off either - but a smaller independent one is prob more likely to do you a favour. Not that one in Frankfurt though - he wouldn't even lend me a removal tool - frickin' Germans and their rules.
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