Mick n Phil's daily blog

I'm going to give it a go, keeping a some-what daily or daily -ish blog of sorts

i don't know if this is the right place or not, so if it is NOT ,  i would appreciate it very much if  some kind person would tell me !!

Most of it i  hope will be pasted as i post on FETCH



  • yeah you go ahead mate image
  • You'll have me in a minute LMAO   !!

    i'm so anxiously waiting for this year to get going , we've done a 10 miler, but there's nout on tomorrow, so hoping in HORRENDOUS weather to go do a few laps of Draycote , home of the Feb 17 ? Draycote ultra 35 & Marathon

     there's a whole world of FEEL real good of fitness and mental stamina out there, and i'm 50 soon and i want some more of it

    we have a good year planned , possibly up to 4,5, or even 6 marathons , see how it goes, HM's are pure fun runs, FM's are a wee bit different  

  • Go for it Mick, I've read a fair bit of your story on Fetch and I think the mainly RW lot like myself, would love reading about your amazing exploits with Phil. You are such an inspiration to us all, who only have ourselves to sort out before and after a race!!
  • Hi bungee

    many thanks

    Yes, looking after ME, is only a small part of it all, even though i have to put myself first to keep myself in prestine condition to be able to cope with Phlilip

    Phillip is going on 20 now, he's is very demanding, before and after a race is hard work preparing him, feeding him, changing him according to weather conditions

    i still maintain Running really is the EASY .. EASY ... EASY  bit 

  • Now that I can only imagine to be true, but from reading all about you both I would tend to agree with you!!! And that's coming from a female who most of you guys would agree do everything from housework, sorting kids, walking dogs, cooking, cleaning, washing etc, etc, etc and we do it very well. That is what makes what you do for and with Phil even more remarkable and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Its just more unusual for a guy to 'cope' with stress in that way... Hope you know what I mean. image

    Have a great 2008 running guys.... xx

  • bungee

    My Phillip's illness and disability, and my wife's detiorating health has driven me and left me in a state of deep depression and mental health problems

     running is my ONLY release

    I being a house husband, have had to learn to adapt,

    for example, on one occasion i put Phillip to the toilet, he took longer than what i thought, i was already absolutely busting to go, before he went, and by the time i did get to go, i never recovered after that, i was just so uncomfy  

     A doctor once said Mick " Phillip has a incontinent pad on, it would not have hurt him to wait a few more minutes while you relieved yourself, and got yourself comfortable... then dealt with him, it's not as if he isn't cared for

     so to be cruel to be kind to give him my best attention, i go to the toilet first IF  i need to that is, when i finish running, i don't stay wet and cold , shivering and change him, he's warm etc, i change myself first and get comfy

    and it works .. .to give him my very best i have to keep myself in every way in comfortable condition

  • Yes Mick, you always look after the horse first, then the rider.
  • how Mick n Phil's family survive
    What a life it is ahh, all sorts of obstacles in the way ,

    no good going for those impossible ones, they drive you mad, but we just strive on day by day, wondering hopelessly, coping,

    people say they understand .. truth is , i don't believe they have the first clue

    i do still maintain always Running really is the EASY bit

    speak to you later
  • i now have trouble posting and pasting
  • It's been a funny old day
    today i did my 3 hours part time job, of letter box distribution, door to door, i must clock up some miles doing that , running around here and there, but i do it to keep some pride and dignity and help keep my head clear and keep my fitness regime going etc and a little extra money

    Phillip's coming home from respite tomorrow, how we love him and miss him, he'll be tired tomorrow night,

    we'll have a day at Draycote water on Sunday clocking a few miles, as there's nothing on for us at all

    His dear Mother , bless her , she got the go ahead to go into hospital next week for two weeks for treatment, we were eagerly awaiting for this to happen ,and when it does it's such a shock

    we've ( me and wife ), been to Weatherspoons for a nice meal, had a nice coffee in Asda on way home,

    and as for me, well, i keep plugging along really that's all , i have 2 hours letter box distribution tomorrow, then go and collect Phillip and take him for a savoury chinese buffet

    life is very much a little tester i suppose, though i am in far better control i believe than what i used to be

    running has saved us from extingsion and oblivion , my PC has changed my life so much

    RW and FETCH has just made me so so happy, i laugh with some of it,

    so, i'll leave you all in peace now ahh
  • Would help if i submitted the damned thing

     LMAO  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • poor old sods
    out on my door to door deliveries this morning.. cold and wet, well drenched in actual fact , i kept thinking of our gale force icey rainy marathons of over 5 hours that we've done

    then there's the sad people moving around doing there ( what ever ) saying, oh What weather, i replied.. there are millions across the world who would love this what we have , they must even pray for it

    they soon shut up

    or is it ( ME ) who's missed something !
  • Ah ha

    i'm getting here, i'll catch up in a minute

    And i was going to train as a typist, thats a laugh !

  • 9:00pm, Friday 11th January 2008 comment on this entry | edit | delete An almost average Friday !
    Today has been fairly ok, i had a real good nights sleep, my wife was supposed to have gone to college this morning for 3 hours, but she felt exhausted and i left her sleep, whil'st she was safely tucked up in bed, i braved the extreme weather to go do my letter box deliveries

    this afternoon me and mrs Mick, went to pick Phillip up from respite, and took him for a succulent chinese buffet for tea

    now it's evening time, Phillip tucked up in bed, and Me and Mrs Mick are about to get her medication sorted for going to hospital next week

    As for me myself , poor old man Mick here,
    what can i say, it was almost a normal Friday, it could have been better, but then it could have been a lot lot worse i suppose

    i am begining to realise in life, though i should have years ago, but things have taken their toll ,... that people just don't know me at all, they have no idea how i survive, they be-little you, they don't support you at all

    i am finding through runners blogs that there is another form a life out there, though i cannot go down some roads towards thier ideas, but it keeps me going in the knowlege that some things work for others

    i do realise that some of you must think i come out with the craziest things, and for a chap going on 50 , i must sound like a school child, but this is all a result of being a carer for some one who is sick and disabled, and it sends you into a world of oblivious wilderness, almost practically losing the will to live, re- building those bridges and your life is difficult, the things that people take for granted, the sick and disabled don't, and i'd forgotten how to do something i used to do

    i am not sure what 50 will bring, i'd like to cruise down to the canary islands, i'm not quite sure yet

    i am looking forward now to a year of running, it has'nt quite taken off yet, but it will, and hopefully then as the spring nights come in, my depression will lift, and life will return for a summer of hopeful exciting things

    it will all be day to day, bit at a time, running wise i don't worry much, i 've been there and done it all, it's just waiting for the events to arrive and then go and just do them ,

    one thing i do know is that Phillip's happy, people do say to me, you have to come first Mick, so as you can give Phillip your best

    i may not have achieved that much in life, but i can hold my head up and say that i have given my family my very ALL
  • Go for it  Mick.

    I hope to meet up with you 2 again somewhere this year.

  • i could be old and decrepid by then Mick
  • 10:39am, Saturday 12th January 2008 comment on this entry | edit | delete ok, so far
    had a real good night's sleep, that does help an awful lot ...

    going to be a real bitty day, but then i expect that to-day

    hoping to go to Draycote Water tomorrow to do a bit of running, for those of you who don't know, it's the venue of the draycote ultra 35 & marathon .... it really is a most perfect place, but if it's inclement weather there, you need to wrap up especially in February, plus it lots of laps of the 4.75 mile loop.. laps are not everyone cup of tea..mind you i don't drink tea LOL

    it's mild and sunny here at the moment, i'm sat here with black coffee and buttered waffles

    so, i suppose it's onwards ahh !!
  • 2:11pm, Saturday 12th January 2008 comment on this entry | edit | delete Last time we were there
    last time we were there, we did 3 laps in 2.20 = 14.25 miles,

    people were saying, you'll wear yourself out, i replied, there's the unfit, the fit and the super fit.. guess what ???

    But, after saying that , i had to laugh to myself , realising that the poor people did'nt even know or could'nt even comprehend the meaning of being fit probably
  • 9:19pm, Saturday 12th January 2008 comment on this entry | edit | delete been an ok kind of day really
    Today has been fairly ok, i'm trying to keep my pecker up knowing there's nothing on tomorrow race wise, and if i possibly can we'll go to Draycote running

    We've been getting my wife's gear ready for hospital, she's getting a little agitated over it all now,

    Phillip went with nurse this afternoon, while wife amd me went for a cafe meal, she then went to morrisons to gather things, while i pottered about do itty bitty things, and lurking etc

    Now-it's later on Phillip's off to bed in a moment, least i get a lie in tomorrow, not up at 5 or so

    So, another boring day over really,

    good job, i have all of you ,even if i only lurk mostly
  • Ok folkes i'm up to date,

    sorry if this seems terrible tonight, but i'll keep it up as i post on fetch from now on

  • The whole point of this is

    hopefully to keep me going in time of utter despair, so as i can look at what i've done and achieved etc

    Hopefully, it MAY, and i only say MAY help inspire others at times when things may be down, or just need a purking up

    it is here to hopefully let people know that there is things out there that can be achieved,

    THE whole point is, if we can achieve so much then with a self belief, training, keeping  both pyhsical and mentally strong, then anyone can achieve things

    Running has been good to us, and i mean good, but it is gained a bit at a time,

    my belief is that there is a real good feel good factor out there, but it will not come to you, it is free, for all to go and find,

    there are seriously brilliant althletes out there, who will help and advise the new-bies or not so new , but are still unsure, or maybe back from a lay off for what-ever reason, mind you at times i need inspiring myself believe it or not..

    You see running with all of you , well, it's all of you who keep us going

    Now-a-days, i try best  i can in my own way to spread the gospel of running and fitness, i'm not brilliant with words,

    i do try to take my running so very seriously, it is all i have , and quite frankly, what with my wife and son's disabilities  i would go completely mad without it 

    There are runners out there who are fitter and faster than me, and that helps me to keep going

     up to date roughly , we are on 265 or so races including

    25 Full marathons pb of 4 h 3 mins

    159 Half marathons pb of 1h 43 mins

    and many many 20's, 15's 10's etc, our favourite distance really is HM and 15, with some 20's chucked in and up to 4 or 5 FM a year

    we try to compete all year round, as we are in this for better or for worse as it where, there are few reasons why we would not compete 

    holidays, severe sickness and very bad weather - travelling wise are the only reasons

  • 11:58am, Sunday 13th January 2008 comment on this entry | edit | delete Really tired
    Sunday has started really tiring, have not gone anywhere yet

    Slept just so very heavy, i don't know quite what we'll do with the rest of the day yet, we are happy and content, just you know, yukish
    we may get to go up the outer wilderness of Stratford for an hour later i don't know

    i hope you are all behaving
  • 5:50pm, Sunday 13th January 2008 comment on this entry | edit | delete Our Sunday afternoon run
    i knew full well that today could be a make or break day, and i knew to save our sanity that i had to get Phillip out for a while from under Dawn's ( his mother ) feet.

    so, we took off up into the rural wilderness of outer Stratford, though it seemed like Mongolia LOL, it's rather undualting and hilly out there ... intending just to do a simple quite small clockwise loop of about 6 miles, but once we got going, we were away, gale blowng, cars howling by, i thought, this is my paradise... but decided at the junction to turn for home, to go for the slightly bigger loop, and ended up running 10.95 miles in about 1.51

    it has made me feel good, up to know !!!!!!!
  • 9:07pm, Sunday 13th January 2008 comment on this entry | edit | delete Night is upon us
    Well folkes....

    Phillip is tucked up in bed now, we all had a super evening meal , we had that super training run this afternoon, which quite frankley has put me mentally on such a high, my head feels just so big, you'd think i've just run a marathon best

    My wife is ok, she a little nervous about hospital this week, i'll have it all to do while she's away , but i don't mind, i have everything under control
    i prioratise everything at such times like this , actually being a house husband is quite good fun, well no, it's a serious job actually ... i have no clocking in or out to do, i don't queue at the post office anymore for my money, all my bills are delt with by my bank , it's all controlled electronically... it's taken so much pressure off me

    i was only thinking after our run, , doing that on our own this afternoon, had we have been in a race, i would have kicked almighty arse

    so it's just time to say ... best wishes fellow runners for today, thanking you for your support

    people who say sport is no good for you, they just don't know what they are missing, or talking about

  • 11:19pm, Sunday 13th January 2008 comment on this entry | edit | delete The name
    the name is Bond ....

    James Bond


    The name is Curry

    Mick Curry

    Licensed to run !!! LMAO
  • 12:52pm, Monday 14th January 2008 comment on this entry | edit | delete
    i actually meant... running around doing things !!
    12:50pm, Monday 14th January 2008 comment on this entry | edit | delete Topsy Turvy Monday
    it's been a real up and down day so far... roll on tonight ..BED
    oh, i 'm not depressed, just busy, running ( as per usual )
  • Keep on keeping on mick.
  • Sounds like a fab run you had Mick, keep on writing aswell as running!! image 
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