Northumberland Coastal Run

I've just entered this. Did it last year and it is my absolute favourite race of all time. I recommend everyone to run this at least once. Fab views, varying terrain and fantastically well run race.


  • I agree.Did it in 2006.May enter again.I see it was voted number 1 event in Runnersworld mag for 2007.
  • I agree too! Great race!

    May do it this year again to mark my Thirtieth b'day!

  • Stoxy-You look far too young to be 30.image
  • I think I'll be giving this one a go.  How quickly do entries normally fill up?  I'm trying to convince some friends to do it.
  • Aah Mick, you are too kind!

    It's a great race Barry. Hard work more than made up for by the scenery. You've got plenty of time at the moment. But don't leave it too late obviously! It says the closing date is the 1st July and no entries on the day.

    I think I will combine this years with a trip up North (and free accomodation) to see the rellys. Perhaps I can even talk the OH into it.

    Yes I think I will more than likely be there again this year!

  • Any of you from that part of the world? Have just moved away and am missing it v much so have just entered, despite running for a mere 2 months - panic has already set in!
  • Cally-I'm from Newcastle. My dad was a Northumberland lad. I live in Leeds now but still miss home of course!
    I take it this will be your first race then?? Dont panic! You've got till July. Plenty of time to take it steady and gradually up the miles. We will be here for advice and support.

    I'm going to send my cheque off later!
  • I'l be entering again shortly.
  • I fancy this one as well, i'll just check the dates and make a note for when I get paid next week!!
  • Is there any campsites nearby?? May as well combine it with a family camping weekend!!!

    But yep, i'm in!

  • See you there Sam!
    Just had a look and Bishop Wilton Half (another great race) is the day before. Sh!t. Oh well. If I have to choose between the two it'll be this one again. Last year I did this on the Sunday, Bishop Wilton the following saturday, and Pudsey 10k the day after!! Really hope Pudsey is the week before this as I don't want to miss it. Fingers crossedimage

  • Form has gone off today.Anyone getting the bus service to the start ? Ive paid the £2.50 for the bus.
  • I'm hoping OH can transport me to the start - we're staying just near Craster. Think the race will fill up quicker than usual due to it winning RW race of the year 2007. When I rang to book hotel they said they already had booking of 18 for people doing the Coastal Run.

  • Slow Sam - there is a campsite near the start - just outside Beadnell. I have stayed there before many years ago as part of my Duke of Edinburgh's Award. It was quite basic from memory but in a nice spot: Beadnell Bay campsite
  • Stoxy - the Harrogate 10K is on the 27 July as well!
  • Oops - posted that in the wrong forum
  • A message from Alnwick Harriers: Thanks to everyone who rated our event so highly in the RW poll. Everyone at the club is thrilled to have been ranked best race in Britain. Hope to see you all in July.

    Anne (Race Admin) 

  • Anne- See you in July !

    JR-Wrong forum but useful info! I'll make a note of the date!

  • Jovi Runner - Thanks for that thats great, i'll get booked in, i've not done this race before, so dont know the area etc, do I need to pay the £2.50 to get the bus to the start??

  • Anne-Thanks for popping on.Ive just sent my entry form off to you.

    Sam-I would advise getting the bus if you cannot get a lift to the start.There's no transport back to the start from the finish.You can leave your bags on the bus and collect it at the finish.The bus leaves from outside a local school, just 5 mins walk from the finish.There's car parking within the school but get there early.I think they charge a pound to park all day.When I did this run in 06 there was about 3 buses going to the start.

  • Brilliant Mick, so i'm better off staying in Alnmouth rather than Beadnell? I'll have a look round over the weekend then and get something sorted.

  • Sam - yes, if you don't have transport to the start and need to get the bus, staying in Alnmouth is probably best. We are staying in Craster area which is about halfway between the start and finish.

     Anne - don't suppose you can confirm that you've recived my applicaiton - Wendy Marks, HArrogate Harriers.

  • This race is on my list of ones to enter this weekend!  Not done it before but sounds great.

    Stoxy - is your 30th actually on 20 July, or that week? I quite liked the idea of doing a race on my birthday this year but just noticed the other day it's a bloomin' leap year so birthday is actually on a Monday, huh!

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Wow! I ran this first in 1990 and it remains my all-time favourite event - and I regularly run 50+ events a year.

    Tell you what: if anyone from Alnwick Harriers reads my post, can they put up a link to the entry form, please? It would truly be running nirvana to return and run past the massive, brooding ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle while the sheep look on quizzically at the strange bipeds in shorts and vests image
  • I just entered, woo! image Really pleased to have something to train for in the summer apart from anything else.

    Swittle you can enter through RW, that's what I've just done... wow, what a testament to say in 18 years it's still your favourite race, now I really can't wait!!! 

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Cheers, Tutu Much. How about this? if you don't enjoy it, i'll pay your entry fee image
  • This is the second run I've had to miss for another bloody wedding this year.

    I was really looking forward to it. I bet they end up divorced as well, so itwill have been for nothing!

  • I know where you're coming from Steve, wish my mates would check the racing calander before they decide to get hitched...!

  • Wendy - confirmed. I'm hoping to start processing the entries on Easter weekend. 

    Swittle - if you don't want to enter online you can get an entry form from our club website . Go to the Coastal Run page and you'll find the form at the bottom. Alnwick Harriers website

     Anne (Coastal Run Admin)

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Cheers, Anne - just gonna confirm with a chum that she'll be doing the Run, then it's out with me Maestro image
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