Nike SDM for sale

Anybody want to buy an almost new Nike SDM? I never managed to calibrate it properly and I prefer my old Triax....


  • Well, how about £150? I bought it this Jan (I think)
  • tempting can you wait until pay day (end of month?)
  • I s'pect so - know what you feel like re: payday!
  • Ah Jon, I hadn't seen this thread.
  • Sorry that's my fault - am a forum virgin!
  • Hi Mish
    damn !! i bought one on last Friday. £150 sounds a great bargain. I paid £200. I had similar problems to yours and at 1 stage i was considering kick the gadget into the bushes, out of sight out of mind. Anyway, i stuck with it, went down the track again today. Ran 400m in lane 1, calibrated OK. NO problems. Then i ran another 400m to check if its doing what its meant to. Hey this thing does work, spot on 0.25mile. Later on i ran a lap at Cannons Health club, where there is a green which measures 500m. I did that on my bike's computer. Once again, the SDM is spot on.
    Big test is on Sunday. I'll use it for the Cransley Hospice Northampton half. My advice, unless you're short of cash, stick with it. It's going to be great using it over next few months.
  • Isn't there a problem with these thing in winter. I heard a rumour about them not being waterproof. I may be wrong and would love to find the truth in this.
  • Should be. Well the watch definitely is. I don't know about the transmitter (tend not to go out in rain!)
  • GuyGuy ✭✭✭
    In my experience they are waterproof to the extent that the footpod will keep out falling rain, but may be affected by running through puddles. The only time it went wrong was when I ran in very heavy rain, with a lot of standing water, and couldn't avoid splashing through some puddles. It started giving bizarre readings, like telling me I was running at 25mph. However, once it had dried out it worked OK again.
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