10K Helping Heroes 'Festival of Running'



  • The results are now up and look fine except they missed out that I'm over 40 (which is a good thing I suppose!)

    Very well organised event Kate and glad to hear that it's going to happen again. I'm the bloke from SSAFA Aldershot by the way!!

  • My daughter ran in the 3k event and although she knows her time, she doesn't know her position and she is keen to find out

     Is there any intention to report the 3k results anywhere?

  • One more request would be to have senior vets (50+) categories. I'm too old to compete effectively with these 40-year-old whippersnappers. Even if there are no prizes, it would be good to see how I compared with other oldies.
  • Andy West - The 3k results are up on here too: http://www.ssafa.org.uk/fundraising.html

    also the 10k results are there...

  • Yep - the most important thing (essential) to revise would be for the distance to be correctly measured for 10K (and then the shorter distances to be advertised for whatever they turn out to be  - even if same finish point required for logistics etc.).    

     Also, what 'count meout ' and 'blacktoenails' say above.

    Just an observation really , I notice from the results that there didn't appear to be many club runners, although I saw a few shirts around the course.  I was wondering why this was ? (was it due to lay out of entry form? e.g.  asking for unit etc. but  not club  - I can't remember.  )  Either way, it might just be worth changing the form if so that that eveyone knows that everyone is welcome (club runners and 'unattached', as well as regulars and reservists etc) so that 'civilians' don't get put off by wrongly assuming that it is essentially an 'army event' (and so more entries) and so whoever colates the results can put the names of clubs in etc. (so runners can compare how they are doing to other clubs / to clubs etc.). Anyway, just a thought.

    Look forwar to it next year. Cheers, Richard. 

  • I noticed the apparent lack of club runners, too, but I'm pretty sure I put my club name on the entry form. It just didn't get added to the list of results.

  • The form did have a space for that but it was a small form so as fees weren't lower here for club members I probably just skipped it. 

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