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A message to my RW friends: if you are thinking of entering make it soon.  At the current rate, the race will be full by 25th January.  Bye for now.


  • I'm already in
  • Have been considering entering this for a few days now as it will be my first 10K (my first ever race of any distance actually !) and have now entered on-line thanks to the incentive from Blackers.

    Any details of what to expect and should  I try a 5K a feww weeks before just to get the feel of racing ?

  • Oooh thanks Blackers! I better hurry! image
  • Doug - the race attracts many local first timers, so you should expect to be amongst friends!  Once you have completed the race, you'll realise there's nothing to worry about, and you may even be hooked.

    If you do fancy a 5k, there is a friendly event that takes place from David Lloydd just off the M271 on 10th Feb - it's a smaller event of about 200 people but it's 2 laps so you're never more than 1.25k from base!  Here's a link to the organisers site http://www.conceptsport.co.uk.  Actually, the benefits of doing a 5k a week or two before a 10k are well known - it gets your body in tune for the longer distance.

  • Thanks Blackers,

    Have checked out the David LLoyd 5K but this looks a bit too serious for me with some quite fast times posted for last year. Still, as it is a loop maybe good be good to try out,

    Thanks again,


  • Just about to send my entry form
  • Blackers - when do the numbers get sent out?
  • TippTop - numbers and ankle chips go out starting Monday next week, in batches of approx 500/day, over 3 or 4 days.
  • Cheers Blackers image
  • STOP PRESS - we have had a few cancellations, and a couple of clubs have not taken up their reserved places so:

    There are 20 places available (as at 15:00 on 4th March)

    They are open to on-line entries only - click on the event details at the top of the thread.


  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    This will be the biggest showing for Andover AC this year I think looking at the entry list.

    Hoping for a reasobale decent time, last time out a few years ago got 40:02, would be happy with 42:30 this year as now older, (not wiser) and getting close to being what I was a few years back, but not quite there yet.....

  • Jon and I got our numbers/chips today image
  • Hey guys,  i have been a complete eejit and didnt manage to enter in time... if anyone knows they now cant make this please please could you let me know - or if you know of any cancellations...

     Failing that i will be there cheering you all on so good luck to all!!


  • Weather doesn't look too great

    and I see the usual car park is not available?

    (He said cheerfully....)

    I'll be there anyway

  • Jon and I  enjoyed the race today, only took 50 mins travelling from Poole by car and although there were obviously alot of people trying to park, we managed to find a place fine enough close to the finishing field area. 

    Weather was ok in the end, route was good and the cakes etc were a nice finish to a well organised race image

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Well done Eastleigh, good all round race.
  • Thank you for your kind feedback

    Results are here


    ps sorry about the weather. Apparently I will get the deposit back!

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the link Blackers, I think youve lost your deposit.......image
  • Blackers - a very well organised race.

     Just one query re. the SEAA F35-44 champs.  My wife got the silver medal.  Can you tell me who got the gold as she seems to have finished first in that category?

    My first time running the race as I'm new to the area and it's defnitely one I'd pencil in next year - reminds me of Leeds Abbey Dash in its course profile and general organisation, and that is praise indeed.

  • I got myself a PB (by 2 minutes!), and it was my first race in Southampton Running Club colours so I am very pleased with myself. I forgot to head back to race HQ to pick up my T-Shirt though as a momento of the race - doh.


  • Hi Blackers,

    Excellent well organised race again.  Thank you!!

    Eastleigh 10k has always been a great race for me as I live local, and I knocked 3 minutes off my personal best yesterday as well with a time of 38:45 - 117th position.

    Was there an official photographer this year?  Or any photographs of the event taken?


  • I did see lots of official looking people taking pics - well, they had big expensive cameras anyway!

     I'd love to see the pictures if they're kicking around.


  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    Blackers - great race, thoroughly enjoyed it. Shame about the wind, but not much ye could do about that. Btw, a small thing, but you're the first race I've done where the split markers were bang on (according to my Garmin at least) which was impressive (most organisers just stick the sign somewhere in the vicinity and don't bother marking the road).
  • My first race, really enjoyed it, running with so many others helped me along.  I think I might have got the bug !!

    Have found some pics here www.antbliss.com


  • Thanks so much for these comments - thanks for taking the time.
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