Hampshire Chronicle Winchester 10K

Just signed up to this.  Part of my Edinburgh Marathon training.  Its going be a chance to see if the sweaty speed sessions in the gym are working.

I'm dragging two of my mates along to run it.  One who is an expereinced runner who is getting back into it after 2 kids and one who is new to the whole thing and is a tad nervous.

Looking forward to the slap up meal at my brothers hotel in Winchester after.  I plan to eat at least double the calories I burn off during the run.  Yum.


  • Meeee image I'm up for it! image
  • Hey Muffin girl! Do u run for a local club? Thought I may do this as prep for the one in May (the HRRL one)
  • Well, that's three of us.  Can I have a head start?
  • LOL TCP ..I think if your training for a marathon, you don't need to worry about me taking over! A friend that im going with - think this is her 2nd race maybe? and we haven't done much training as of Xmas. So we're having a tea break run..she's bringing the tea and im carrying the biscuits image

    Em I don't run for a local club. I used to in Southampton, but the guy stopped the club to focus on his triathlons. I found another one, but it wasn't very er....I suppose motivating..the fast people took off and just left the others on their own behind.

    HRRL Lass? Which one's that?? 

  • Hello peeps, I'm up for this one as it will be the first 10k I've done twice so I'm hoping for a PB....that said, I am not a great runner so anything better than last year will make me happy...

    If I spot the tea break going on then I shall definitely be stopping to snaffle a biscuit!

    I'm off on my hols this week so only have about three days to resume training once I get back...not the best plan ever.

    Has anyone gotten their race pack yet and if so do you know where it's starting from?  I was told the Football Club yonks ago when I signed up but I know people from the Football Club and they know nowt about it (other than what I've mentioned to them)

  • yessss looking forward to it - need to shed the xmas rubber ring

    going to run it fast as i can

     under an hour will do me

     bring on the hills ... gulp

  • My wife Teresa and I are looking forward to the run,hopefully we should both enjoy it.
  • Well glad that is out of the way, didn't realise Winchester was sooo hilly!  Good day though and challenging run.

    How'd everyone get on?

  • I really enjoyed it! Was slighly hilly but bot too bad! Was well pleased as did a PB by a min n a half! 45:26mins.

    How bout everyone else?

  • That's a good time EM, you must be really pleased!  I managed a 43:29 which I'm quite happy about
  • Well done thats fab! Was that far off ur PB? I was really pleased particularly as i hadnt done it before and wasnt sure just how hilly it would be? Are you doing the Eastleigh one nxt mth?
  • No I really wanted to do Eastleigh but didn't get organised quick enough so it's full now image.  My next one will be Devizes 10k on the 9th, meant to be a really good event and it's not as hilly as Winchester which can only be a good thing!
  • Im in for the Totton one as well on the 6th April i think it is, thats a good PB course!

  • I'm doing Totton too, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for you snapping at my heels! image
  • Well done Em and Gavin.  Great times.  I was please with my time on a hilly course of 48:19.  Not my favourite 10k.  Hated the scrum at the start as I got boxed in and couldn't get away until I got onto the main road.

    Back to long runs this week with Edinburgh Marathon training.  Happy Running!!!

  • well done cp! i agree wiv the start being a bit rubbish, was a bit of a narrow road, so cldnt really get going till the first little incline! when is ur marathon?
  • This is my local event so was able to run to the start from home (about 1.5miles) which means I get a good warm up and cool down.

    RW Says: Undulating road race weaving past the city’s iconic historic sights as well as through its rural surroundings

     A bit misleading as the course does not enter the city centre or go by any of the really iconic historic sites!

    Did a slightly better time than expected, but still way below the times I should be doing for my FLM biuild up.  Still feeling the effects of last Sunday' Meon Valley Plod!

    Next scheduled event is the Fleet Half Marathon.


  • I agree the start was a bit too cramped and slowed the first half mile down, also would have been nice to see a bit more of Winchester during the run rather than a flyover and lots of hills.

    On the plus side, weather was nice for running in! image

  • Oh and good luck with your marathons OtR and TCP!

    Em the Edinburgh marathon is 25th May I think

  • Thanks Em and Gavin.  Yeah, Edinburgh is on 25th May.  Booking my trains today.  £174 for the family.  Rip-off.
  • £174!?  That's enough to get you into ultra runs and save the money lol
  • Maybe next year.  Its on the list of things to do.  Its the L'Etape (Tour De France stage) next year then maybe Comrades in 2010.

  • I looked at comrades but heading more towards Iron man now as I've gone down the Tri road
  • Good day for racing, lovely weather -

    If you havn't seen them already the Race Photos are now up online on www.antbliss.com

  • Yeah it was lovely although I think I wrapped up a bit too warm but never mind.  My number was 125 if anyone wants a giggle!  Come on everyone, how bad are your pics???
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