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  • rrevin

    I had a 3 day break last week, and that did me a world of good, as I was feeling really worn out, due to not eating properly, and the majority of my runs the previous week were done at 85+% MHR. Saturday's 5 mile run was very relaxed, and yesterdays 10K was meant to be an easy run, but the wind just blew me all over the place!! LOL!! I never run 2 days in a row, but realise I will need to in order to build mileage, and pick up my pace.

    I'm just finding it infuriating, as last year I was able to do steady 10K's at a comfortable pace, including a few sprints here and there, within an hour, and feel totally fine after, but now struggle with it, unless I'm going really slow.......any slower and I'd be walking!! I'd like to think I could do a 10K sub-40, or at least sub-45 but feel that's a long way off!!

    How long have you been running for?

  • Today did 3 miles in 32 minutes......was hoping to go further but again felt tired? A few weeks and months ago, I felt so energised to do 10k and longer runs, even 9 milers felt good and manageable. But even todays 3 miler was a struggle. What is wrong with me lately?! LOL!!

    Experienced runners please give me some hope!!

  • Today was an easy 6.11miles in 1hr 12 mins with my HR at 131bpm. Felt good even though it was lashing down. But, need to do a run tomorrow and Sunday to meet my 5 X runs and 25+mpw.

    Just wanted advice again from the experienced runners. Even though my easy runs are stlll quite slow, should I be stepping up the speed a bit more in my normal runs, and how should I incorporate it? I have done a few strides here and there, but it's not been consistent. I really want to be picking up my pace now, as I feel running 25+miles p/w at a slow pace won't benefit me as much. I know I can do it, as I've done speedwork before, and have the determination to see it through. 

    Any advice is much appreciated. 

  • Hi Natasha,

    I started reading this thread and didn't pay attention to the date, assuming it started this year instead of 08, so it was great to skip to the end - almost exactly 1 year on - and read about how well you have done. If your feeling down you should read your first few posts again, from walk/running a couple of minutes to 25+ miles a week is amazing.

    I'm afraid I'm not an expert runner, but I too am a bit off the boil lately - I'm putting it down to winter blues - my good runs always coincide with a sunny day.

    I too start running about a year ago, and 6-7 is still a long run to me, and that's around an 11 minute mile pace. I have a problem with speed. Or lack of it.
  • Thanks Bru for your kind response. All the advice I've been given on here has been great, I just expect alot more out of myself! For some reason I actually enjoy getting out in this weather, and found myself running twice last week in the pouring rain.....needs must!! I find the easiest way to combat the horrid weather, is to put my running gear on, and just head out the door. You'l feel a million times better once you've finished.

    How often/much do you run every week? I've been advised in order to pick up my pace, I should try adding in more mileage a week ie; 1 more run a week, and some hills. Well, Holland is as flat as a pancake, but I did some hillwork at the gym today.......40 mins on 1% incline. Depending on what your goals are RW have got some great schedules, that include speedwork, tempo runs, etc.....but to start, maybe sprinkle in a few strides as part of your daily run, take it from there.

    I'm thinking of following a 10K 8 week schedule at sub-40, a tad bit optimistic, but that might be a good starting point to incorporating speedwork. I'm hoping someone will say its achievable!!!

    Let us know how you get on with your progress.

  • Hi Natasha, sorry I didn't reply before, I don't come on line very often, I started running in July 2008 so I really am a newbie. I'm finding it hard work as every where I run I have to go uphill, but I'm still amazed that I can run at all. This time last year I couldn't run 400 yeards now I'm running 4 miles image I think the weather & the time of year makes it harder, everyone I know is feeling a bit bluurrr ! if you know what I mean. It's been quite miserable in England lately, not so much rainy more like really cold fine drizzle that seems to go straight to the joints. Still I quite enjoy running in the dark (partly because no one can recognise me and see how slowly I run)
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