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hi all.

I've been looking for a schedule for the 2008 chicago marathon in about 8 months time,my best time so far is 3-59 but would like to get 3-30 this time but not sure how to train as most all schedules are about 16 weeks but i've got more time,did my last marathon oct 2006 and not much training since then so back to the beginng again ,so not sure how to go about the training? I've found a schedule on nike running for 6 months but not sure how good it is (its in their running log if you down load their log!) it looks a bit easy??? and also it give a distance to run on each day  but no pace or time info so not sure if this will be the right schdule for me as i could run them all too slow and at the end of the schedule not make the 3-30 time! so if anyone has tried the nike schedule any feed back would be welcome and if anyone knows any good schedules for  6-7 months that would also be good. thanks


  • You normally find the 6 month schedules are for newbies.  Try a half or 10k schedule, pick up speed over a shorter distance then start a marathon schedule closer to the time..
  • it's hard thinking of my self as not being a newbie,as i've left it a full year with very little training from my last marathon until training for this! so when you say a shorter distance would that be to improve my speed  cos it does need improving!so could that be why this schedule from nike does not have any pace info? cos it takes it for granted that you have some speed there already? any more help would be good as I'm dying to start but not sure of the right way! i got my 3-59 time with what I think was just enough training so I'm thinking if i put loadsof efford in this time I could get 3-30 ?


    right hows this for a plan??? get back into running again 5-6 times a week for 2 months upto about 30-40 miles a week or more??? then follow RW's 8 week 10k schedule for a time around 43-45 lol ??? then follow the 16 week RW's sub 3-30 schedule hows that sond???

  • You're the decision maker but it sounds fine.  Alternatively, how about entering a 10k race, or two, training for that then entering a half marathon once you've completed this?

    Alternatively, take a few months off and return raring to go...

  • I'm in a similar position, got a place for London but need to start training now. I tore my calf muscle in June and am only just now able tor run 3-5 miles slowly.

    My plan is to build my mileage up slowly for the next month, then  do a 10-week half marathon schedule, then drop into the beginning of a 14 week marathon schedule.

     Dunno if this helps you, not sure if the Chicago one has been and gone.

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