Shoe's for Shins

Help ! !

I have recently been fitted for a pair of custom fitted orthotics, which I expect any time soon. The only problem is that I am not sure what trainers I should use them in, do I go for Motion Control? or do I go for a Neutral shoe and let the orthotic do the work?

Can anybody recommend a good training shoe to use a make or model would also be helpful as I am getting pretty confused.


  • Hi Swooty, I have a pair of custom orthosis which I had fitted to a pair of Mizuno Wave Convictions. I have just replaced these with a pair of Mizuno wave Legends.

    I went to the Runner's Need shop at Liverpool Street in London and also tried the Mizuno Wave Mavericks. I tried both pairs with my orthosis, on their treadmill while they videod me. The play back showed that the Legends controled my pronation far better. I was slightly put off by the fact the Legend is billed as a Motion Control shoe or for heavier runners (I'm 12st 3lbs) but the knowlegable assistants assured me that lighter runners than me also wear them.

    I've clocked up a few miles in them now and find them very comfortable, good support and plenty of room in the toe ad not too heavy (about 355 gms).

    While I was there, the assistant told me that nearly all o0f their customers that come looking for shoes for orthosis are told by their podiatrist to ask for Asics 2070. Their view was that this was not necesary and that orthosis worked well in other and in their view better shoes. Still worth checking out though.

    Mizunos work for me, and Simon from Mizuno who posts as 'Mizuno Running' will always give advice if asked for, but recommend that you get along to the above mentioned shop if you live in London or post a question on this forum if you need to know who else has these facilities.

    Good Luck

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