Help! Motivation needed for first 1/2 marathon

I've been running for about a year now, and did a RFL & 10k last year.  I've now entered a half marathon on 2nd March and am getting worried!  I'm trying to follow a Smartcoach programme, but due to working/kids/living in area with no street lights etc it's difficult to space out my runs - at the moment I'm doing about 5 miles with club on Weds eve, then doing the other 2 suggested runs on Sat & Sun (5/6 miles speed/tempo on Sat and long run on Sun).  Don't get much of a lunch break at work so that's not an option.  I've got a couple of fitness DVD's that I've been trying to do a couple of times a week.  I do have a treadmill, but it's sooooo boring even with music that I struggle to do more than a couple of miles, and am finding it much more difficult than my usual jog round country lanes (even with Devon hills!)  Help - I am terrified that everyone will have gone home by the time I finish!  I'm also worried about pushing myself too hard and having injuries - I'm 38 and had never done any sport/exercise until starting to run.  I probably just need someone to tell me to buck my ideas up and get out there!


  • Hi

    Well done on fitting the training in but it does sound like hard work having to fit in your two hard runs over the weekend. Can you drive to work and fit one in before or after work (if street lighting is a problem?)

     I am only a beginner but I post on the First Half Marathon thread (In beginners) and everyone is very friendly and has a huge wealth of experience and advice. Maybe pop in there too?

    Good luck 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Well done on getting started image Whenever i'm needing motivation i'll get someone to come along with me -is it possible to ask someone from your club if they'd come out with you on some other runs?

    Dependent upon how safe your area is, what about getting a head torch and going out after dark? We had an early morning (6am) run today and despite being still dark, we managed fine using the lights.

    Dont give in - remember that the hardest thing was starting and all of this now is just progress to win image Good luck on your half and just remember that feeling of seeing the finish line.
  • Thanks for the encouragement!  Roll on lighter evenings...
  • My coach believes that running on consecutive days builds your muscle strength better than having a rest day after every run, so I don't see any problem with what you are doing if it is what fits in with your lifestyle, although I would do the long run on the Saturday and use the Sunday run as a recovery run.

    You training sounds similar to mine.  I do 5 miles on either Tuedays or Thursdays with the club, then my long run (around 10 miles and gradually increasing) on Saturday and about 5 miles on Sunday.  I'm planning to do my first 20 mile race based on this training and I'm pretty confident that I can do it.

    And don't worry about being last.  I was last for my first half and it really wasn't that bad.  Nobody packs up before you have finished and you get the sweeper as your own personnal motivator to help get you round.  Incidently I chose a tough half to start on, so a lot of the slower runners didn't enter.  I ahve since done other halfs at the same speed and come a long way from last.

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