Kings Wood Mountain Bike Duathlon 2.4K/12K/2.4K

Roll up roll up .... anyone hard (or daft) enough to do an off road duathlon in the fantastic surroundings of one of Kents best ancient forests.

Not a huge field normally, so plenty of space to slide about on the tracks image


  • ......... I'm quite happy to do this on my own then image  I might win image
  • Not if you fall off and don't finish image

  • LOL!  At the speed I will be going the risk of falling off is considerably lowered...........
  • could anyone tell me if this is a good dual to start with ?? done a few 10k's & im quite a keen mountain biker !!
  • I suppose it depends what you are after.... it's relatively short and great fun.  The conditions will vary depending on the weather - it's all off road.  Ashford Tri is a small friendly club and everyone who competed last year had a blast doing it.  It's an early start so doesn't bu99er up the whole weekend!  With your pedigree I would say you will fit in perfectly!  And if you can swim we might also try to recruit you image

    See you in the car park!

  • cheers for the info, does sounds good fun, i will be entering. can you tell me if i can enter online or do i have to fill in the form & send it off ?? oh & do you know the address of the event?? cheers rob
  • Rob, you can enter on line via here, or download a form from the Ashford Tri Club site - Entry Form

    Kings Wood is SE of Challock (between Ashford/Canterbury)... If you search on multimap for Challock you will see White Lane (I think) a few miles SE of the village.  The car park/Start/Finish is a mile or so down that lane.  I can always give better directions nearer to the time.

    Good one! image

  • Sorry, you can not enter on line so scratch that.  The link to the entry form should work though...
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