breaking trainers in

Can anyone tell me what is the recommended amount of miles you have to do in a new pair of trainers for them to be ready to take on a marathon,I am not to sure as i have heard some very different views


  • Not many. Are you running in trainers or racers. Racers - a half would be enough to bed them in and let you know if they suit you.

     Trainers a week or two to do the same.

    Don't over do it or they'll be battered before te race

  • if they are style you've run in before, then I don't think there is a a running in period - I've run 20 miles in box new runners before as I knew they suited my feet....
  • 1 short run and 1 long run just to make sure that there are no new friction points, bruised toe nails etc etc.

    If they are identical (same make, model, size, mk) probably not required.

  • Thanks Yellow,Fat buddha,and Sean G. The trainers (saucony grid stabil mc 5's) that i will be doing the London and Edinburgh marathons in are what i am running in now without any problems,so better to save new trainers for the marathons then.

    I wear these trainers because i am a fairly severe overpronater,I get on alright with them but find them a bit on the heavy side.Any sugestions on any alternative shoes 

  • I wouldnt try to go with a really fresh pair of trainers - I'd run in them for a couple of weeks first I think - just to be safe.
  • Also when the trainers are really new I find it is a good idea to go for a bike ride in them before I run in them so I wear them in a little bit and know if they are going to run anywhere. 
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