Tom Scott memorial 10m road race

Does anyone have any info regarding the course for this race from the village of Law to Strathclyde park in Motherwell?

The race is on Sunday 6th April.

I am thinking of running it but would like a heads up on the course. I have just missed a week and a half of training due to a viral infection, so do not want to tackle anything too challenging.

Last run I did was the Alloa half, and a brief 30 mins on the treadmill last night, to see what state I was in. The feeling is that I should not attempt anything too hard at the weekend.

Any info gratefully received.


  • Hi freefall bunny

    I did this last year, overall it is a flat course, with a slight hill at the start. A few people said to me prior to the race it was downhill. But overall it is flat and a good course.

    If you decide to run it, have a good run
  • Hi freefall bunny

    Did you run this in the end and how did you get on?

    I ran and thoroughly enjoyed it, my impression was that it was downhill with a few short hills, but certainly a fast course.

    Apparently they had to change the route slightly for this year and because of the policing requirements this may have been the last year that the race is run in its current format though the plans are for a race of some sort next year.
  • Hi Ian,

    I did run it and also enjoyed it. Managed 1.24, which was a PB for me. I was keen to pace it well after making a complete mess of the pacing at Alloa. I was really surprised cos after having a the bad cold and not training for 2 weeks I did not think that I would be up to much.

    I liked the course and found it pleasant to do a downhill for a change. Pity if it has to change, but I was aware of the number of police required because of all the roundabouts. Hopefully they will be able to find an alternative route, but maintain the spirit of the event.

    A water station would have been good too.
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