My first intervals session

Today I did my first ever intervals session. It consisted of 1M warm up, 4 X 1M fast with quarter mile recoveries, 1M warm down. My pacing was the following:
1M warm up - 9:01/mile average pace
1M fast - 7:23
0.25M rec - 9:56
1M fast - 7:29
0.25M rec - 10:09
1M fast - 7:38
0.25M rec - 10:12
1M fast - 7:35
0.25M rec - 9:28
1M warm down - 8:46
So, my question is, is the point of intervals to try to maintain the same pace for each interval? In other words, did I run the first two intervals too fast? Or conversely, did I run the last two intervals too slow, as I wasn't struggling to complete the final interval. Don't get me wrong, I was happy that it was over, but I wasn't completely knackered at the end of it! Or is it normal to slow slightly?


  • someone more experienced than me will be along soon i'm sure.

    but i think the idea is to maintain the same paceas much as poss.

    but they do look pretty similar - hard to get it exactly right.

    probably with practise it gets easier to judge your pace/effort 

  • Hey Runner Duck!! 

    I always find I run the first few intervals too fast too, but I have tried doing them starting off slower but they still get slower as I get to the end so I just carry on going fast at the beginning of intervals even if you aren't meant to!  I quite like interval sessions as they can make training a bit more exciting image  Hope you liked your first lot of intervals!!


  • The idea indeed is that you should be running each interval at roughly the same sort of pace - which over a mile is not to easy - but as you were not far away overall not to bad - I guess my only question would be is whether your recoeveries were too long - my mile reps would be off a3 or 4 minute jog recovery -
  • Hi, thanks for the replies. Mouserunner - I did enjoy the intervals, although they were quite hard work!

    Grendel - the recoveries were around 2 and a half minutes long. The numbers above show the average pace per mile.

  • I find intervals on the dreadmill keep me consistant and adjust the gradient to get the hills.

    Outside i tend to slow off.

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