Yesterday morning whilst getting mini tweety ready for nursery, I came down the stairs, slipped on a step and went flying.  i slipped down about 5 or six stairs and whacked both arms and a leg as i tried to stop myself.  feeling like a bit of a prat, i realised i could move and get up and went about my day, albeit with a bit of a sore arm.

today, i feel like i did 3 days post FLM last year.  i ache all over and find it difficult to move my left arm back.  is this something worth bothering the gp about, do i need to be on the lookout for any other signs or is it just a general ache that will go away?


  • You've most likley just bashed something. I would have some ibuprofen (or equivalent) and rest for a day or two. Tomorrow you might see some glorious bruises. If you still hurt on Monday, see the doctor.

    Unless you're pregnant or have any previous damage. In which case, go sooner!

  • Ouch tweety. Hope you feel better soon and it's nothing serious.
  • I  can appreciate how you are feeling Tweety, I fell down our stairs before christmas, all the way down and still have a sore area on my arm which i guess is deep bruising.   Try arnica cream for bruising and see your gp if worried still at start of week, of course if you get any headaches, vomitting etc see someone straight away.  FWIW I also felt like a complete prat. 

    Just be kind to yourself for the next couple of days.

  • thanks all.  feel a bit of a berk really but i do ache, even more so when i have been sitting at my desk for a while and have to get up.  i have arnica cream & ibuprofen in the medicine cabinet at home, so i will apply and ingest when i get home.  luckily, i didn't bang my head so no head injury signs to look out for.

    i am going to look interesting limping into a job interview tomorrow.  at least its in a hospital so i can go via A&E/xray if necessary!

  • May get you a little sympathy too. image Good luck in the interview!
  • a bit less sore today, thank goodness.  can move my arm a bit better and i didn't need to make use of the local NHS services.  a couple of ibuprofen and some freezing spray stuff that mr tweety put on me last night seem to have done the trick.

    btw, interview went ok.  fingers crossed and positive vibes please!

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