Compression Socks


I have been getting a few calf problems lately and have heard compression socks may help avoid these sort of unjuries and give my lower legs a bit more support.

Has anyone else tried them and what do you think of them?

Also can i just use flight socks from somewhere like Boots or will need to get a more specialised running pair?




  • as far as i know, there is no medical evidence suggesting they work - the compression element is to help blood flow back toward the heart, if this is the case then i don't see why a pair shouldn't be of some use. Good luck
  • Thanks for the replies, I should have looked first David! 
  • Spamalot is right - there is no medical evidence at all.......

    .....but they do seem to help me. I haven't used them on a long run yet, but if I wear mine for a few hours after I have no heavy legs then next day, which really used to hold back the frequency of my training. I am sceptical of the explanation given by the companies who flog them, but Iain't complaining.

    I don't know of the differences between the brands - mine were 7 quid a pain from decathlon - in the 'injuries' section, near ankle and knee braces/strapping, not in the running section. They really do feel tight, unlike a few of the posh ones in Sweatshop, but I can play footy in them without a problem.

  • I use the Linebreak Calf Guards and would highly recommend.

  • I always wear a pair after my run for the  rest of that day, legs dont seem so achy.
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