Big toe problems

I have recently been experiencing pain when I run on my right big toe (the knobbly hard bit), does anyone know why, or how to stop or prevent it? I'm running the Great North Run and its hampering my training.


  • Claire
    Seems like you are pretty active on the forefoot. Do your shoes have plenty of cushioning there? Or maybe they did have and are now worn out?

    Ibuprofen is usually pretty good for relieving this type of pain - I sometimes have the same problem and find it useful.
  • Sorry Tim/Claire, I didn't want to suggest using pain killers to run through the pain, just to get the inflamation down between runs.

    Steady with that ironing fixation Tim! Anyway, can you iron socks with coolmax/tactel etc.?
  • No I don't iron my socks!!! But I do also get pain in my knees if I stand doing the ironing for too long (but I don't want to start that debate off again!)

    The pain isn't on the ball of my toe, more to the side of it. Never had this problem before, just had hard skin there.

    I may try iboprofen, the pain doesn't start until 2 or 3 miles into a run, maybe it is my trainers.
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