Weird lumps on ankle tendons


About a month ago, I went winter climbing for the first time. This involves wearing completely rigid plastic boots. In most ways they fit fine and are comfy. However when I walk in them, the fact that they are completely rigid means that they dig into the front of my lower leg/ankle as my ankle flexes. So everytime I took a step, they banged into a tendon.

The upshot is that I have great big lumps on the tendons which run down the front of the shin and over the foot- I think it is the extensor hallucis longus, but anyway it's the main one that you can see as you flex your foot up and down. At first they felt bruised, but now don't hurt unless I prod them really hard- I can run fine. But they look pretty weird (they are huge) and I don't know if I should be worried! Any ideas? Have I done myself permanent damage, or does it not really matter?



  • you've just damaged the surface of the extensor tendons - as there's little cushioning on the dorsum of the foot - the boots have caused a direct trauma. The bumps will heal and will be re-absorbed by the body in time. if you want them gone they can be frictioned by a therapist but it can be painful, so I'd leave them if they're not causing you any probs.
  • Thankyou! Very reassuring image
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