Good bluetooth headphones for running

Can anyone recommend a good pair of headphones for running that are BLUETOOTH (and wireless). I run and use the radio on the my phone as music istead of an Ipod or anything liike that and my phone is being upgraded to a snazzy thing that uses Bluetooth headphones and I can't plug my trusty headphones into anymore.

I have been searching the web for reviews on good Bluetooth headphones for running but they all seem so pricey and there seem to be very few reviews so far which makes me nervous to buy withoutn a recommendation form someone

 Any suggestions greatfully received...please?



  • I dont think they've come along that well yet. I'd go with conventional earphones - the cable isnt reeally a problem and save your money for when they have a good pair out to buy.
  • I got some Motorola S9 bluetooth headphones with my phone.

    They totally block out all external noise, so not ideal for running outdoors. Also, seemed to break up now and again.

    I have gone back to use wired headphones. 

  • You could always run without the earphones, much safer and they arent allowed in a lot of races anymore anyway
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    Jaybird Sportsband headphones are good, but pricey (about £100). They stay in place, nice sound quality, and they don't blank out the sound around you. But, best to wear your MP3/phone on an armband. If it's in a pocket and your body is significantly in the way of the signal in will cause interference. No getting around that with any bluetooth device I'm afraid.
    sometimes do deals on these and occasionally have an "open box" return item at reduced price if you keep your eye out - how I got mine.
  • I love my Jaybirds - I keep my phone in a pocket normally & they work fine. Like that you can use your phone with the navigation buttons on the headphones. The foam covers get a bit sweaty, but you get a spare pair in the box.

  • Here is a Bluetooth Headset I find most comfortable to wear while running. Hope it helps!image

    Philips SHB6000/28 ActionFit Earhook Sports Stereo Bluetooth Headset



  • I tried a number of different bluetooth headphones and all eventually suffered from sweat damage.  The first pair I've found that don't are the Jaybird Freedom - they've been great, however they aren't cheap (nearly £100).

  • I've just taken up running and I'm looking for some decent earphones. At the moment I'm running with my Shure SE115, but I'm worried that they'll die a lot sooner as I do get pretty sweaty. I was looking at the Jaybirds, but I'm not sure between the in-ear ones and the headband. I'm leaning towards the headband as recently I've had an inner ear infection. Nothing to do with my earphones, but I'm still very weary. Are both the in ear and the headband as good as each other? Which is better at reducing outside noise as I want them for the gym as well as outdoor running (and I can't stand their music).  As I tend to get very sweaty when running or at the gym, does the headband stay in place?

  • These are great bluetooth headphones for runners. Thanks for selecting and reviewing the best.

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