Lower back


Went for a lsr last Sunday and was fine 'till mile 11 when there was a pinching on my left buttock. It was fine when I walked about later and I rested untill last night. Went to my club run and did sprints. It pinched a couple more times but I managed most of the session. I asked my coach about it and he thinks it may be where a nerve has got trapped and advised some stretches and a hot water bottle. He had a similar problem when weight training a few years ago.

Did a 6 mile steady run this eve and it wasn't 'till mile 4ish that it pinched again. I stopped and stretched on the way round which helped a bit and I used a hot water bottle last night to relax it.

Has any one had this problem before or know anything more? I'm training for London so hope to get it sorted now before its too late.


  • Consider having a sports massage. Just the thing when preparing for the FLM.
  • Yep, I'm in the process of looking for a good sports massuer here. I had one for when I trained for Berlin but have moved since then.

    Should that sort it out? My other worry is that it came out the blue after a long run with no problems like it. Now I worry it'll come back closer to London or on the day. Will physio/sprts massage prevent that from happening again?

  • Maybe piriformis syndrome. Stretching is key to loosen off the piriformis pressure on the sciatic nerve. If you've also got trigger points in your glutes a good sports massage can sort this but it can be painful. Your physio should also look at your lumbar spine and lumbo-pelvic stability to rule out other factors. Suggest you use the hot water bottle before you stretch too. Good luck.
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